López-Gatell sends greetings to Alfaro: what good is dedicated to his work


MEXICO CITY, (apro). – The undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, sending greetings to the governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, after this point out to a possible act of treason by their refusal of testing massive covid-19.

During the presentation of the daily report of covid-19, Lopez-Gatell said he is confident that Alfaro wants the best for his state.

“I send greetings to the governor of Jalisco. I am sure that he wants to do good by your state, and what good who is dedicated to his work,” was limited to responding to the officer to open-ended question.

This Wednesday, the 1st of April, Alfaro said that refusing to perform tests in mass covid-19, he said, to take care of the statistics, would be an act of “treason to the fatherland”.

“I don’t want to I think that what you are doing, Lopez-Gatell is to take care of the statistics, because it would be literal, I say, an act of betrayal to the homeland, as well of course,” said Alfaro.

In a video released this Thursday, Alfaro, who is a civil engineer by profession, he returned to question the position of López-Gatell, and insisted that they do not understand why the refusal to apply tests on a large scale.

“The under-secretary Lopez-Gatell is definitely a specialist that has the respect of the mexicans. He is a man who is aware of these issues. It is a technical man, who I know are doing their best and that I think, I’m sure, think of the good of all mexicans.

“However, inexplicably, has taken a position that we do not share in the topic of rapid tests as a mechanism of prevention and early detection of possible infection in our country,” he said.


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