Lopez OBRADOR and Cuauhtemoc Blanco were curious greeting and in social networks made them memes


This Saturday, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of Mexicovisited Cuernavaca, Morelos, to see the work against the pandemic COVID-19 in that state. There he spoke with the the governor of Morelos, the former footballer Cuauhtemoc Blanco and made a curious greeting.

The chief of the Executive power and the representative state they toured the medical unit of the family INSTITUTE of Cuernavaca “Dr. Carlos Calero”. At the end of the visit, the two respected measures that have been recommended by the Secretariat of Health (SSa) and is fired in a distinctive way.

This could be captured in a video circulating in social networks “How was that….” he said Lopez Obrador to White. Act followed, both rose to their feet and clashed as if it were with the hands. “This is the measurement from the healthy distance”, noted the former national team.

Cuauhtémoc shared on your social networks a picture that frames the moment of their greeting. In addition, you can see the “temoseñal”, an expression which was done by the representative when celebrating his goals when he was a professional footballer.

“Along with @lopezobrador_, we make a team to win the battle against the COVID-19 in Morelos and Mexico. With the health not plays”, wrote on his Twitter account.

As a response, users posted memes of the curious form of respect a healthy distance the president and the governor. One of them makes reference to the anime “Super Champions” or “Captain Tsubasa”at the time that it hits at the same time a ball so that the shot has more force.

Users also recalled the injury he suffered White with the mexican national team in 2000 in the world cup play-offs. In that year, the trinidadian Ansil Elcock made a strong lack in the former of the America, which caused a rupture of cruciate ligament in the right knee.

Also they made reference to the VAR, as if the president had committed a fault to the governor of Morelos.

In a press conference, López Obrador said that the epidemic remains contained. This is thanks to the sanitary measures recommended by the specialists against the coronavirus. “Fortunately, the epidemic is being managed, not out of control, this for preventive measures, for making the case to specialists”, he noted

Asked the population to continue with these recommendations the curve of the cases of infected people is located in a horizontal manner, as in other countries, “overflowed the epidemic.”

“The most important thing is that we realize, that we not forget the importance of preventing infections, which is already being done, today in the morning I thanked the people of Mexico, because it is public and notorious that the people you are helping and voluntarily are staying in their homes,” he said.

Also called on general practitioners to be trained in intensive therapy, then reiterated that they do lack this specialization. “Today, we call for general practitioners to be trained immediately, assuring work to those who are going to study in specialties two points to take the test, if you took part helping to combat the epidemic, they will take into account those two points so that they can enter the specialty,” he explained.

The SSa announced Friday that in Mexico there are already 1,688 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the country and accounted for 60 deaths. Among people who contracted the new coronavirus, 58% are men and 42% are women. Among them all, 79% of the patients are outpatient, and 21% have required hospitalization.

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