Lopez Obrador asked the people to protect themselves from coronavirus: “We are looking for are not saturated hospitals”


The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, reiterated in his press conference this Wednesday to the strategy that your Government is taking, before the pandemic coronavirus Covid-19, and indicated that what is sought is that it will not saturate the Health system.

“What we are looking for is that it does not present an emergency situation that we saturate the hospitals, is the famous curve that has been showing, how it is different. That will flatten the curve, because the experience in countries where it overflowed the epidemic, saturated hospitals. So you are looking for is growth to be driven and this can be avoided if there is infection”, said the mexican head of state.

Lopez Obrador asked the population to make the sacrifice and the effort to stay in their homes and decrease the spread of coronavirus and prevent the growth of the curve of epidemiological and at the same time protect the economy of the country.

“It is also very important that you do not go to the hospital for any symptom, it has been proving that the number affected is a small number that requires hospitalization,” said the representative of the federal government.

“To avoid overflow, the lack of control of the epidemic, because it’s going to mean to save lives, at the same time, taking care that it does not deteriorate so much the economy, especially the popular economy”, he added.

Lopez Obrador said that he attends to the company without destroying the economic base, in addition to caring for the less fortunate. “I’m very aware of those who live from day to day, but I’m sure we’re going to come out soon of this if we act in a professional manner,” he said.

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