López Obrador fled to the claim in the airport after refusing to take a test for coronavirus


Andrés Manuel López Obrador continues his tour of the border cities, where to inspect, first hand, different works, both architectural and cultural, which are conducted in those states.

However, does his tour in the middle of one of the biggest health crises faced by the world and that he could be one of the risk groups.

In addition, it is now one of the main suspects of carrying the virusafter having had direct contact with the governor of Hidalgo, Omar Fayad, who was diagnosed as a carrier of COVID-19.

The Secretariat of Health, through the undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, revealed that by the time it is not necessary that López Obrador is a test.

In a press conference from the national palace, the Dr Gatell assured that the test will only be done if the president begins to show symptoms clear of being a carrier of the virus such as fever, dry cough, body aches, among others. These symptoms may appear from 1 and up to 14 days, the incubation period noted internationally.

Andrés Manuel, for his parthad not issued any opinion as to which was intercepted by the people at an airport where very few people received it, because of the quarantine and the warnings of a healthy distance.

One of the men waiting for him asked the president about the risks of having a contagionbecause it is a man who tends to share many scenes with diplomats, national and international, as well as the population of Mexico.

Does it matter to put the risk to the population, sir?” is the questioning that launches while López Obrador walks next to Jaime Bonilla, the governor of Baja California.

I’m not going to fall into any provocation”, is the response of Andrés Manuel, the same that has been given on multiple occasions to different subjects where you do not want to be committed.

Maybe the provocation is perhaps his own, because it is suspicious and not want to do the study” says the one who started the questionnaire without getting more answers from the mexican president.

The president of Mexico made a call to the entire mexican population to redouble efforts against the coronavirus and asked to abide by all the preventive measures from the ministry of Health are indicated.

Andrés Manuel asked that beyond work in the hospitals, the primary goal in during the second phase in Mexico is taking care of ourselves, why called a quarantine to that, to the extent possible, we do not abandon our homes, and so avoid contracting or spreading it to others.

In addition, López Obrador emphasized the special care that we must put up with the high-risk groups. The elderly, pregnant women and citizens with a history of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension or obesity have to fall necessarily and take extreme measures.

Finally, the president said that since the government already gave the order to work from home all workers not essential. Collaborators of the security forces and the health sector will have to continue to work necessarily.

This initiative from the Home Office was extended from the presidency to all workers in the private sector or the owners of the companies. Although AMLO assured to know the monetary risk of stopping many businesses, said it may lose much more than money. Lives, for example.

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