Lordi & more • Bikini – Bikini, Ramonville St Agne, 31520 – exit Toulouse



TIME : 20 PM to 23 PM

PRICE : Price : 23 € (hfl) / 28 € on site

ATTENTION : event-ready-made !

Lordi is a Finnish group of hard rock and heavy metal, melodic, original from the lead singer of the group, author and composer, a Creator of visual art and costume designer, Mr. Lordi.established in the year 1992
The group is well-known for his public appearances, dressed as a monster, as well as for his victory at the Eurovision song Contest 2006 . The group surfing on the tidal wave after his return to Finland with a concert in Helsinki, in front of over 80 000 people, is the handing over of the key of the city, of the Finnish President Tarja Halonen. Since the group, the image of her idol, Kiss, multiplied by derivatives (credit, cola colors in the group…) and turns in Europe in the conference, they had certainly managed to never meet before.
The success of the single ” victorious, “Hard Rock Hallelujah”, multiple Lordi to new heights and is again very fast into the spotlight.
With catchy songs and riffs, the howling, the words gathered horrors remain etched in your mind, that you like it or not.
At the beginning of a new era, Lordi your 9. studio-album “Sexorcism”, as the ” album of the controversies of the year.