Loser Dracula is in theaters, but Robert Eggers is on the wayDracula Loser is in theaters, but Robert Eggers is on the way

Together with Frankenstein, Dracula is one of the literary characters that has most stimulated the imagination of filmmakers, and it’s no surprise that he’s been adapted countless times, especially now that he’s in the public domain. Lots of rereading over time, but, unfortunately, the days when the iconic appearance of the character Handsome Lugosi in the 1930s he brought about a revolution, followed by a thorough reformulation of The Hammer with Christopher Lee.

Among the best screenshots of there is always, of course, that of Francis Ford Coppola with his Dracula by Bram Stoker, between big budgets, mythological spirit and fidelity to the novel. In the 21st century, Universal Pictures, which created the initial success, tried to reboot a new franchise: from Van Helsing (2004) to the underrated Dracula Untold (2014), with mixed success at the box office.

Demeter’s Last Journey – Demeter’s Last Journey this is the last Dracula film to hit the big screen, but unfortunately with little commercial success: at the moment, the collection is 13 million against 37 in the budget. Also equally Renfield Chris McKay starring Nicolas Cage received a fairly warm reception from the public and critics. His word will soon be spoken Robert EggersDirector VWitch AND Lighthousewho brought together Emma Corrin, Bill SkarsgardNicholas Hoult, Lily-Rose Depp and Willem Dafoe make your own version Nosferatua silent film that adapted the story of the Count in apocryphal form.

Thus, Eggers returns to his dream project after many years of developmentwhat will be the third version of the classic silent horror and which was completed after 3 months of filming in Prague. Operator Djarin Blaschke confirmed that the film was shot in color and reminiscent of 19th-century romance. Also Chloe Zhao wrote the script for futuristic western based on a play by Stoker, in which the main role would have played Robert Pattison.

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