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Matt Goldman is an EA industry veteran, a member of the studio for over twenty years.

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Dragon Age 4 It is one of those highly anticipated games that make us raise our eyebrows on more than one occasion. The new of BioWare It is still far from coming, but the news that is coming out regarding its development is not entirely positive. A year ago, some creatives left the project, and now one more figure joins.

Is about Matt goldman, who, as reported by Kotaku, has announced his departure from the Electronic Arts studio. We are talking about an industry veteran, a BioWare member since 1998, and saga senior creative director Dragon Age since ascending to that position in 2017.

We understand that its progress will affect you, as well as the development of the gameGary McKay, CEO, to BioWare workers“I am writing to inform you that Matt Goldman is leaving BioWare”, reads the email that the CEO Gary McKay has sent the workers. “We have mutually agreed to part ways, and it is his last day today. We understand that his departure will affect you, as well as the development of the game.”

Dragon Age 4 (Provisional Name)

“Our commitment to delivering a high-quality Dragon Age has yet to be fulfilled, and we will not publish a game that does not meet the standards from BioWare. We and the EA executive team have absolute confidence in the leadership of the studio and in the people who are working to carry out our vision, “he concludes.

For the moment, it is unknown who will fill the position that leaves Goldman empty, but the truth is that the new Dragon Age installment is leaving too many doubts. Let’s remember that it was conceived as a game as a service and that it still does not have a launch date marked on the calendar, although we recently knew that it will probably be released exclusively in a new generation.

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