“Lost a role because it was deemed ‘unforgivable'”

during the round table meetinghollywood reporter, elle fanning shared a disgusting anecdote In relation to an old audition of his. Talking about her current role in the series GreatAvailable on Hulu, now the 25-year-old actress breaks her silence about what she went through he was 16,

Around that time, Elle Fanning auditioned for a road trip comedy about a father-daughter relationship. Here’s how he described the experience:

“I’ve never told this story before, but I was trying to get a role in a movie. In the end I don’t think they shot it, I just know it was a comedy about a journey and the relationship between a girl and her father.”

What’s leaked is probably only the tip of the iceberg for the actress, as Elle Fanning herself has said, his agents decided to protect him By not telling him why he was rejected. However, something clearly stood out:

“I haven’t heard from my agents, they would never have informed me of such a comment. This ‘filtration’ system is important, as there are likely to be many other damaging comments. However, this one has come to me. I am 16 years old. And someone said, ‘Oh, he didn’t get into the movie because he’s not fuckable.'”

Elle Fanning felt offended, of course, but today she can remember the affair with a certain equanimity:

“It was disgusting! But now I can laugh it off and say out loud ‘What a dirty pig!’

This certainly isn’t the first time that Hollywood productions have shown that they are still linked to sexist and harmful models. For example, let us recall the case of Jennifer Lawrence Talked about the humiliating experiences he had in his career. On the subject of beauty, Elle Fanning has spoken widely since the release of neon monster Whose hero he is: here are his words.

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