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Lost Horizon 2 PC Game Download Full Version

Lost Horizon is a game that certainly does not need to be introduced to enthusiasts of adventure games. Fans of this title should know that a new version of this game, Lost Horizon 2, has just been released. As in the case of the previous version, Lost Horizon 2 was created thanks to the Animation Arts team , which also created the very popular Secret Files series. The excellent skills and creativity of this team should encourage everyone to download the game by pressing Lost Horizon 2 Download .

Lost Horizon 2 PC Game Download Full Version

Download Now

The action of the game takes place in the 1950s, i.e. 20 years after the action of the first series. Here we get to know the fate of the same heroes, whom we perfectly remember from the first part. The main character is once again Fenton Paddock, who has already won the sympathy of Lost Horizon players. He has just returned to service with the British Army, shortly after he fled Hong Kong. Soon he goes to Africa and receives a secret order from the command. It is at this point that the player takes control of the hero. The rules of the game are the same as in most adventure games, so we focus primarily on searching locations, solving puzzles and finding items. Additionally, strategic elements have been introduced here. Fenton therefore takes part in the chases and discreetly sneaks behind the guards’ backs. The combination of an adventure game that requires logical thinking with a strategy makes it impossible to complain about boredom when playing Lost Horizon 2 . It is therefore worth taking advantage of the option to download the gameto keep you entertained for a long time. During the game, we visit several countries with our hero, including those that were under the rule of the USSR in the 1950s. Therefore, the game may be of interest to people who like history, especially the history of the 20th century.

Trailer – Lost Horizon 2 PC

In terms of graphics, the new version looks even better than the previous one, because the whole thing was made in 3D, while in the first part there were only three-dimensional characters. It is not without significance that this is the first Animation Arts game to be made in 3D. Unlike many other companies, the Animation Arts team coped with this task very well. What has not changed is that the backgrounds are only slightly stylized, which means that photorealism has been rejected. Thus, the developers tried to maintain the style of the first version. The whole thing looks very good, so this idea can be considered completely successful. Those who are curious about the effect achieved by Animation Arts can download the game now. Get the full version of Lost Horizon 2 Downloadfor your PC. This should also be encouraged by the favorable opinions of the first players, who paid attention to, among others, a very carefully planned story, interesting graphics and ease of control. The creators introduced some changes to the control system, resigning from the point-n-click interface, which was used in the previous part. Instead, direct control over the character was introduced, similar to shooters . According to people who have had the opportunity to play both the first and the second part of Lost Horizon , the second part is also good as the first. Certainly this is very good news for everyone who liked the first version of Lost Horizon.

We could see photos and movie trailers of the second part of Lost Horizon a few months before the game’s premiere. The premiere of the latest offer of Animation Arts took place in August, in Poland it has been available since October. So you can test it today by downloading the game to your computer.

Lost Horizon 2 PC Game Download Full Version

Download Now

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