“Lost in Tokyo” is the new single from 80RAM.

80RAM’s new single “LOST IN TOKYO” is available for airplay on radio and digital streaming platforms.

80 sheep

“Lost in Tokyo” is a song that fuses the exquisite electro synth sounds of the 80s and 90s with modern sounds and riffs. intertwine and chase each other almost frantically, like a protagonist who is trying to escape from the traps and traps of today’s metropolis.

Explains band in song: “The survival instinct in a world that moves too fast, the need to return to dreams despite being often disoriented, and the search for happiness now tainted by technology that connects us to each other but makes us feel distant and alone. An anthem to find yourself again, bravely, no matter what.”


Inspired by artists such as The Weeknd, Depeche Mode, Franco Battiato and Paul Kalkbrenner, 80RAM is a band that gives life to a mixture of electro and synthwave, foreign pop music and Italian lyrics.

Between 2020 and 2022, they presented their live project in many clubs in the capital, including Largo Venue, Pentatonic, Le Mura, Container, Velvet, Riverside, and in the summer of 2022 they opened The Kolors Roman showcase at the Ports of Rome. Live”.

Positioning themselves halfway between the nostalgic and the modern, they speak of fears, desires, difficult relationships, determination and the pursuit of redemption in a dimension suspended between past, present and future.

80RAM: Maurizio (voice), Richard (samppad) e Mario (electric bass).

“Lost in Tokyo” (Maionese Project) – new single.

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