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Milan. Fall 2023 is expected to be full of important news about sound recording and hopefully music quality, with the return of Ligabue, Laura Pausini, Emma, ​​Annalize, Fedes, Biagio Antonacci, Francesca Micheline, Adriano Celentano, Francesco De Gregori, Antonello Venditti, and these are just some of them.

On September 8, the unreleased album “RengaNek” by Francesco Renga and Nek Filippo Neviani is released with eleven new songs performed by two artists.

Three years after his last recording, Luciano Ligabue’s unreleased CD “Dedicato a noi” is released on September 22, preceded by the single “Riderai”, and then returns “live” from October with a tour of the gyms.

Same date for Matteo Bocelli’s debut album entitled “Matteo” with 12 songs in English and Italian, one signed by Ed Sheeran and with the predecessor “For you”.

Laura Pausini’s new album, containing “A good start”, “Il primo passo sulla luna” and the unreleased “All’amore nostra”, precedes the Italian Indoor Leg, European Indoor Leg, Latam Leg in South America and Usa Leg in North America. America.

Emma returns with a new album with fresh sound and new vocal nuances, with new stylistic maturity, four years after “Fortuna”: it will contain the songs “Mezzo mondo” and “Taxi sulla luna” with Tony Effe.

Annalize is waiting for the album “E poi siamo finiti nel vortice”, which will also include the successful singles “Bellissima”, “My love” AND “disco paradisefeat. Fedez and article 31.

Unpublished Fedez album which will include the song “disco paradisefeat. Annalize and Article 31, after the previous “Inhuman”.

“La mia casa” is the title of Raf’s concept album of travel, road, music, poetry, concerts, scenes and people he meets, with space for new sounds and unreleased songs, anticipated by the “80 of you” single. .

On September 8, Coez and Frah Quintale will come together to record the album “Lovebars”, which is the result of a mutual and personal creative respect that exists between two very emotional personalities: the song “Alta marea” is also included.

September 29 Tropico returns with a new album, preceded by the single “Chemma lassat’ a fa”.

Composer and pianist Veronica Rudian is waiting for her new album “Il viaggio”.

A comeback recording for Max Gazzè which will include “Riviera” with Frenetik & Orang3 and Dade.

The new Ermal Meta project is under development.

On October 6, “Dru” is released – the first album by Drusilla Foer, containing thirteen songs, twelve of which are unreleased.

An unpublished CD by Colapesce & Dimartino containing “Cose da pazzi” as well as the song “Splash”, for which they received the Mia Martini Critics’ Award and the Lucio Dalla Press Service Award at the recent Sanremo Festival.

Gianna Nannini is looking forward to a new album four years after “La Difference” and after winning the 2019 Tenco Prize.

Also comes an unreleased album by Biagio Antonacci containing the songs “I will know how to wait for you”, “Seria”, “Telenovela” and “TriDiDimensione” featuring. Benny Benassi, three years after Clearly Seen from Space.

Adriano Celentano is already ready with his new masterful album, as soon as he knows how to do it, always against the current, but he is waiting for his return to the small screens with a program with the conditional name “Conductor”.

Francesca Micheline is ready to release a new album containing the song “Fulmini addosso” from the movie “L’Estate più caldo” and about twenty more songs.

Antonello Venditti missed almost seven years from “Tortuga”, but the date of the unreleased album has not yet been set.

It has been seven years since Francesco De Gregori released his last album, De Gregory Sings Bob Dylan.

Internationally, on August 4, Depeche Mode released the Sounds of the Universe collector’s box set, and on August 18, Hozier released the album “Unreal unearth” with the songs “Eat your young”, “End of everything” and “Francesca”. ; On the same day, the award-winning John Baptiste returns with “World music radio”.

On September 8, Olivia Rodrigo returns with her second studio album “Guts”, and on September 15 V Danko Jones returns with studio album Electrical Sounds.

Kylie Monogue’s “Tension” is released on September 22, preceded by the single “Padam padam”.

Thanks to artificial intelligence technology, the voice of John Lennon was recreated, and the Beatles were resurrected with a song called “Now and Then”, written by Lennon himself in 1978 for Paul McCartney. “Playa Saturno” is the new album by Rauw Alejandro, preceded by the single “Baby hello”.

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