Lotus, after the trailer, the release of the fan film today

Spiderman Lotus

We’ve been talking about this for a couple of years, since when Gavin J. Konop unveiled the taste of his Spiderman: Lotus, an apocryphal title that Spider-Man fans began to look forward to with curiosity and immediately embraced. Movie “amateur“, made standalone, which after yesterday’s last trailer is finally becoming a reality with the release expected for today (in the afternoon in the USA, at 2 am on a Friday in Italy) of the final product released free online.

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Funded by crowdfunding which grossed over $100,000, the film has already become a minor phenomenon thanks to 2.7 million YouTube trailer views, compliments from Andrew Garfield and Jon Watts (directed three films with Tom Holland) and despite controversy caused by some old messages from the protagonist Caretaker Wayneaccused of racism and homophobia, for which he apologized, explaining that “raised in a conservative home school environment in a small town in Arkansas”. A “bubble“, in which “the concept of good and evil was distorted”from which he is expected to emerge.

But the official defense of its creator, who in a later deleted tweet reiterated that his film was not “designed to perpetuate hatred, bigotry or racism” – may not exhaust me Problems which, according to some, may appear on the horizon. First of all, law. Although Konop has explicitly stated that he has nothing to do with Sony or Marvel and that he was inspired by the comics of the classic superhero series, in particular stories about death of gwen stacy, Spider-Man: Blue e The Boy Who Built Spider-Man.

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Not new, I often fan films they asked for – and got – a place, come on copyright holders (How The Lord of the Rings: The Hunt for Gollum by Tolkien Enterprises or live-action remake Toy Story 3 2020 by Pixar), assuming they were backed by fundraisers, so non-commercial.

Reason for which “Studio executives often avoided conflict with these fans”as the director and producer recalls Stefano DaFre interrogated Newsweek, especially since that same fan base is usually the one you can count on for future theatrical releases. Said it– continued – what these fans are doing is actually completely illegal“.

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After the tragic death of his ex-girlfriend, apparently caused by the same attempt to save her, Peter Parker (Warden Wayne) is wracked with guilt and the opportunity to break the curse of his alter ego, burying him forever. But when a terminally ill boy wants to meet Spider-Man, Peter decides to stay by his side to comfort him in his final days.

The last clip and music from the movie Spider-Man: Lotus

Spider-Man: Lotus promo and final trailer

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