Love and Joy

“Good evening, memorable comments, my name is Luka and I am writing to you because I think I screwed up and I am bitterly sorry about it. My friend Riccardo and I have known each other for almost twenty years, fifteen of which we spent in the Olympic Stadium (first with our families and then alone in the south), on the road and in front of the TV to watch Roma. We have always put this love above the most important, somehow leading a normal life, at least it is normal for us to feel love for our Rome. Riccardo has always had a little bit of trouble with girls, but I can say that I’m not Brad Pitt, but I still had my experience. Riccardo, however, has always been a reserved as well as a lazy person, and has not been very lucky with the fairer sex. Now, about four or five months ago, Federica has stepped into Riccardo’s life, and things seem to be going pretty well at the moment. I met Federica more than once, and she always seemed to be a very nice, friendly and serious girl. And from what I’ve seen, he’s deeply attached to Riccardo, and I’m delighted. However, in the last few days, something happened between Federica and Riccardo that I did not expect: she began to talk a little obsessively about the love that my friend has for Roma, and when she told me, I immediately tried to understand where everything was going. and protected my friend. The result of our conversation, however, was swift and unexpected, rushing from one extreme to another in an instant. Now, maybe I was wrong about this situation too, seeing it too much from my highly biased point of view. I have to help Riccardo, but I honestly don’t know where to start. I hope you can help me. Thanks in advance.”

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This is the story of Luca, an Roma fan who is in trouble with his friend Riccardo and his girlfriend Federica. Luca and Riccardo have known each other for nearly twenty years and have always shared a passion for their hometown team. Luca had several romantic relationships while Riccardo was more unlucky and shy with women. However, four or five months ago, Riccardo started dating Federica, a kind and affectionate girl who seems to make him happy. Luca met Federica and found her sweet and serious.

However, in recent days, Federica has expressed some confusion about the love that Riccardo has for Rome and tried to convince him to reduce his passion. Luca found out about this situation and wanted to talk to Federica to protect his friend. The conversation between Luca and Federica was short and surprising, going from heartfelt to grumpy in just a few minutes. Luca realized that he may have been exaggerating in defending his point of view, and regretted that he had created a problem between Riccardo and Federica. Now Luca would like to help Riccardo resolve the situation, but does not know how to do it and asks for advice.


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