Love and other drugs, the true story of the film with Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal

Love and other means 2010 film, which is broadcast tonight at 21.10 on channel La5. Director Edward Zwick, the film represents the second collaboration between lead characters Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway, who previously starred in a feature film. Humpback mountain. Love and other means this is also taken from the book Hard Selling: The Evolution of the Viagra Salesman written Jamie Reidy.

Love and other means, plot

Jamie (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a clerk in an electronics store whose passion for women costs him his job: Don Juan by nature, in fact, a man sleeps with the wife of his immediate superior. Without a plan B, Jamie is persuaded by his brother Josh (Josh Gad) to start a career as a sales representative for a pharmaceutical company. So Jamie starts working for the company. pfizer, best known today for its vaccines against Covid-19. Jamie’s task will be to convince the most reticent doctors, including Doctor Knight (Hank Khazaria) – replace Prozac with “their” Zoloft. Realizing his abilities and charm, Jamie feels that he can excel in his work. But what he did not foresee was a meeting with Maggie (Ann Hataway), a girl suffering from Parkinson’s disease, with whom an unexpected and stunning love story begins. But between moral doubts and the deterioration of Maggie’s condition, Jamie will have to reevaluate his existence and his priorities.

The true story that inspired the film

As stated in the first paragraph, Love and other means based on a book written by the real Jamie Reidy, who spent nine years in the world pharmaceutical representationfirst with Pfizer and then with Eli Lilly and company. In fact, judging by what we read on the site‘Internet Movie Database, Hard Selling: The Evolution of the Viagra Salesman this is the book that was only the inspiration for the film. Story Love and other means therefore, he does not slavishly follow everything told in the book and at the same time displays some situations that are not on the pages of the novel. Jamie Reidy himself defined his book as “a starting point” for a film directed by Edward Zwick. Characteristic, for example, is the fact that Hard Selling: The Evolution of the Viagra Salesman no one faces love Interest, when in the film it is the love story with the character of Anne Hathaway that gives a certain three-dimensionality to the story. According to what can always be read on the websiteInternet Movie Database The lack of any kind of romantic relationship in the book is due to Jamie Reidy being “scared” that his mother would read the book and find out too many details about his intimate life.

After graduating from the University of Notre Dame in 1992 and also pursuing a military career, Reidy entered the world of the lucrative pharmaceutical market with little experience, little knowledge of how the world moves or what it means to be a sales rep for a company. would go on to become America’s two largest companies and inventors of drugs such as Viagra. There’s Nothing Overtly Toxic About Jamie Reidy’s Story: It’s Not About a Dark Story Big Pharma international organizations that act without a twinge of conscience to get even more money at the expense of an individual citizen. This is not a story about cheating, blackmail or ill health. On the contrary, Reidy’s story is almost comical, enjoy. The only truly negative moment in the story as it reads further The keeperis the fact that Jamie Reidy was fired from his job after the book was published. An event that certainly shows a possibly not entirely clear conscience on the part of his employers and which could certainly lead to numerous conspiracy theories that revolve around the world of Big Pharma. However, at the same time, it was an opportunity for Jamie Reidy to rediscover himself. Shedding his suit and briefcase as a pharmaceutical salesman, he has established himself as a writer – he even wrote a cookbook for single men – and works as a blogger inHuffington Posm. He also helped in the creation Love and other means since Jake Gyllenhaal wanted to meet him to better shape his character.

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