Love Guaranteed: Watch Trailer for Netflix’s New Romantic Comedy

Image: Netflix

Netflix announced today (20) the official trailer of Guaranteed Love, an original romantic comedy that brings back to the screen actress Rachael Leigh Cook, known as the nerd Laney Boggs girl in the movie She’s All That (1999), one of the Session champions pm.

In the production of Netflix, Rachael is the lawyer Susan, who sees a new and lucrative case the opportunity to save her law firm from bankruptcy. His client, handsome Nick (Damon Wayans Jr., from the Tudo Tudo Bem Bem series ) wants to sue a dating site that fails to deliver the love of his life as promised.

See the trailer below:

Love Guaranteed is directed by Mark Steven Johnson (from Finding Steve McQueen ) and stars another actress from the 1990s: Heather Graham, of Austin Powers: Agent Bond Cama and Boogie Nights: Pleasure without Limits.

In the course of the plot, the case of Susan and Nick ends up becoming an inevitable and unpredictable romantic relationship even for the algorithms of the flirting sites. The film will be streaming on September 3 on Netflix.