Love is a shrimp (review)

Riccardo Rossi attracts immediate sympathy, whether he tries his hand at advertising or fiction (the genres he mostly presides over) without squeamish (God forbid) a few passages in movie theaters. We’ve saved his penchant for food for last, a fashion trend that keeps him constantly engaged in food commentary. However, in this case, we find ourselves in a theater where he is the co-author and sole interpreter of a monologue focused on the strong heartbeat of all ages. Given the actor’s age, the musical beginning that accompanies his ascension to the stage can only take the notes of All by Myself, Eric Carmen’s catchphrase, which was influenced by almost all 1975 thirteen-year-olds. everything will be a series of difficulties for trying relationships in a couple, it is obvious that all the difficulties are male.

A series of jokes and short and quick pictures – with a nice video frame to help emphasize – that talk about small and big love relationships, from teenage ones that belong to our entire lives, to relationships of much more famous couples: let’s go from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, glamour. today, to Paul Newman and Joanna Woodward (the same yesterday) or Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, solid realities of the day before yesterday. Traditional lovers like Raimondo Vianello and Sandra Mondaini (who get a standing ovation from the audience), less conventional but no less loving couples like Elton John and David Furnish. The theatrical story unfolds through these examples and ends with a moment of personal intimacy represented by the parents of the same actor. But it is also a guide to marital survival, which, with due distancing and respect, reminds us in some passages of the delightful The Married Man’s Guide (Gene Kelly, 1967).

A funny show, for pure entertainment and without many other thoughts, where the couple’s life is the only and main protagonist, both when the couple is stable and when it breaks up, indeed, Riccardo Rossi uses the separation paradox more to cause more laughter (and applause) from the audience. It is impossible not to recognize yourself – if you are 50 today! – at the first teenage approaches or at “all friends and all men” lunches or dinners, as soon as the parents have won freedom at home. If “you can’t live without love”, the protagonist of the show gives you the “know-how” to survive in any encounters and with any partner, be it a classmate or a business woman.

The show that deserves, therefore, remaining in the gastronomic field, is not Michelin stars (even if in our chat – after the show – Rossi showed himself really at ease in the kitchen and not only according to the requirements of the script), but one that is attributed to the participation of the public, everything applause and everyone is happy. If so, then surely the main character of the evening can be credited with all the merit, regardless of the declared skills in the kitchen. For pots and ovens, we will try to contact Simone Ruggiati (owner of the chef and host of the show, where Riccardo Rossi is constantly present) to get confirmation of other qualities. But this is not even necessary, the scene is enough.

Riccardo Rossi and Alberto Di Rizio
Directed by Cristiano D’Alizera
with Riccardo Rossi
Production AB Management


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