“Love is the vehicle”: Odalys Ramirez revealed how they have faced their children quarantined by a coronavirus


While the process of quarantine that lives on the host Odalys Ramirez after testing positive for coronavirus, it has required great patience, a member of Tell me about it already he revealed that his children they have adapted very well to changes in his life.

In mid-march Odalys reported that he was detected the virus, so he decided to stay in quarantine. Your partner, the presenter Patricio Borghetti, tit also proved contagious, so that their coexistence within the home has been limited.

Through your account in Instagram, Odalys has informed his followers of how it evolves, because even though at first I had cough and fever, with the passing of the days has shown no improvement.

However, one of the most complicated of your quarantine has been the not being able to be in contact with Gia and Roccohis sons Borghetti, as well as with Santinothe son that the presenter had with Grettell Valdez.

In his most recent post on Instagram, posted this Saturday, Odalys shared a photo the three young ones enjoying an inflatable pool in your garden.

“The children. They have a capacity of adaptation barbara that sometimes we do not calculate. If I’ve learned anything in these days of running of the bulls is that they live as you transmit,” said the presenter at the start of your message.

“You have to open up a space for communication and let them express themselves, but finally, if you have peace, that they will pass on to them”, he added.

Later Odalys spoke a little of how you’ve established their routines for the quarantine, although he acknowledged that not everything has been easy.

“Has helped us a lot to establish routines with schedules very clear of rest, meals, homework, educational activities, entertainment, gaming and household chores that are assigned to them so that they also participate, in the dynamic condition the space where they live. Clear that there has been tears, tantrums, but there have also been family moments and conversations in any other situation would not have arisen”.

To finish with your message, Odalys sent a hug to his followers and wished a happy weekend. In addition, he wrote the hashtags #GiaDeMiCorazón #SantoPuroAmor #RoccoDeMiVida #FamilyFirst #AmorDelBueno.

A few days ago Odalys had shown how a few tacos al pastor, I helped her and Borghetti to spend another day in quarantine.

“¡¡¡Happy!!! Nothing that a taco is not resolved”, wrote the presenter to accompany an image of Borghetti smiling with a plate of tacos in front of him.

The presenter Come the joy have also used their social networks to keep your followers aware of your improvement.

In fact, last week I revealed that yes presented a symptom of coronavirus that has not paid much attention.

“All this time I was saying that I have not had symptoms, that I was asymptomatic… but yes I had a symptom and I just found out. This does not know a lot of people, so yes it is important to share so that they can detect a suspicion of contagion, and it is the loss of sense of smell. I dare to tell it because it happened to me,” he said in social networks is also an actor.

“One day I realized, I don’t know if I put on deodorant or perfume or something, that’s not what it smelled and I was made very rare. A couple of days passed and I decided to go to the doctor, I had fever, I had cough and I felt bad, only he had lost the sense of smell; but the doctor sent me a press release of the Society of Otorrinos saying that one of the symptoms that were discovered is the loss of sense of smell,” he said.

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