Love of Bella Hadid and the last boyfriend

Considered one of the most powerful women in the world, one of the highest paid models of all time, and one of the most beautiful women of all time. Bella Hadid this is real star. He seems to be able to turn everything he touches or even just touches into gold. The secret to his success? A face that borders on perfection, a talent that is always highlighted, andhumanity which allows her to truly connect with her followers.

Her fans seem to be almost obsessed with her, whether it’s the latest trend just released or her own. private life. On this, however, the supermodel seems to have had enough. restrained: let’s run through all loves Bella Hadid and we meet him new guy.

Bella Hadid’s boyfriend: let’s start with the past

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Although Bella has Instagram profile she is definitely followed and all attention is paid to her, usually the model uses her fame to speak on topics that are dear to her. In short, she’s not exactly a classic starlet who loves to invade the front pages of magazines and gossip with sensations and passions. Despite this, we often saw her in her arms influential characters at least the same as her.

According to some rumors, for example, it might seem that Bella Hadid’s boyfriend was Jack Nicholson’s nephew. Duke Nicholson. Next we saw her with a soccer player Odell Beckham Jr.before indulging in the rapper’s advances Drake.

Probably, her most serious and intense relationship was with the singer. Weekendwhich we just saw on the small screen next to Lily Rose Depp in a scandalous series Idol. Bella Hadid and boyfriend started dating in 2015 when they were first spotted together at a party. Coachella. Since then they have entertained complicated relationshipconsisting of separations and reunions, up tolast break in 2019.

Bella Hadid opens up about her toxic relationship

We already know this: top model Bella Hadid usually confesses on social networks, showing her followers a piece of reality and covering topics dear to her, including those related to mental health. Among the various sayings, what perhaps most hit the mark concerns her love stories, some of which she herself defines as toxic relationship.

Bella undresses, telling her this way uncertainty which, in her opinion, originated right in her childhood, when she had to face dark moments and obstacles larger than herself. These childhood trauma in short, he still carries them with him, so much so that today these internal “monsters” have turned into a need to keep people who have them in his life. did bad. In an interview with the VS Voices Victoria Secret podcast, the model explained the situation in more detail. “I began have no restrictions: sexually, physically and emotionally. For please my meni came to do things I didn’t want to doBella says. He also admits to being hurt insults and violence from her boyfriend, but she did not react because she could not start over, relying only on her own strength.

Bella Hadid found peace today

To date, it seems that the models have managed to crack this challenge. harmful emotional loopfind your voice again, listen to yourself more, learn to respect yourself. He also recently announced on social media about be soberthus winning the battle against alcohol that had lasted for months, if not years.

The fact that she also shares her negative experiences and her reality, which is not always rosy, as one would expect from a model of her level, allows her to tune in to her followers and, above all, to show her fragility into the world, normalizing things.

Bella Hadid, Marc Kalman’s last boyfriend

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The last guy by Bella Hadid Mark Kalmanart director, with whom he collaborated professionally on some of the Bathing Ape apparel and curated merchandising, logos and album art Travis Scott.

It really seems like it was the rapper who brought them together through common friendship (Like the one with the Jenner sisters). Unfortunately, the relationship ended in July.

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