Love to test scandal and coronavirus: Tania Ruiz broke down the versions of the rupture with Peña Nieto


The romance between Tania Ruiz, and former president Enrique Peña Nieto seems to be more alive than everdespite being separated by the quarantine enacted to curb the rapid progress of the coronavirus COVID-19.

Since it began the health emergency in Mexico, the model of 32 years, is confined at his home in Mexico City in the company of his daughter Charlotte, what sparked rumors of a break with the political state, who does not appear in any of the images published on social networks.

After several days of speculations, it was the same Tania who confirmed that they continue together and happy, even if for the moment they must be separated to overcome the contingency.

The model used his account of Instagram to post a message of encouragement to all her fans in times of pandemic. Was to respond to the reactions of this comment when the native of San Luis Potosi said that it is still very close to former president of mexico.

“(In) that today it is worth investing our time in ourselves, in the nuestros️! In see inside and not outside. Don’t hide from the change, believe it in the best way” wrote Tania Ruiz in their social network.

“Your destination today you are you! … What is the best today we do not understand, tomorrow will be meaningless. ¡¡Enjoy today!! Don’t stay with anything that is not tuyo️. Tell each person that is around you everything that makes you feel,” continued the woman of 32 years old.

“Lives, breathes and remember the gift it is to live. ¡¡Blessings, Beautiful People!!”, concluded the influencer known for its motivational tips, teachings of life and tips on nutrition and exercise.

This message was shared by the model along with three photographs in which it appears to the side of his daughter Charlotte, and who were captured for the magazine Hello! for the number dedicated to Tania and her small.

The images did not go unnoticed to his 400,000 followers, who quickly compared with a few dolls for her great beauty and personal grooming, but between the reactions came from a user who asked for more photos of the couple that began their romance last year and soon grabbed the spotlight: Tania Ruiz, and Enrique Peña Nieto.

Beautiful, and your a Barbie, but I want a photo where you go out with your boyfriend. Make a couple chulísima” wrote the internet user that received a positive and prompt response from the influencer.

“We do have very nice pictures of the two. Just never upload my private life with My Boyfriend. Very few times I post stories. Do not know how to write to me to upload photo with him. One day of these to the best hahaha. But it ¡¡Many Thanks for your message, so nice!!”, wrote the potosina to please his fan.

With this comment, the famous ruled out any break with Peña Nieto, despite the fact that his brother Gerardo Ruízdeclared some days ago to the program Drop the soup chain Telemundo, the lovebirds “are not together”.

Gerardo revealed that in this quarantine Tania remained in confinement with their daughter, while ignoring the whereabouts of Enrique Peña Nietobecause he has not had contact with him.

The brother of the model also shared that the blonde takes advantage of her time at home to write, because enjoy translate their emotions and thoughts in a textwhile the rest of his family is in San Luis Potosí, where they are originating, because the environment is better than that of Mexico City.

It was early last year when Tania Ruiz was seen for the first time at the side of the former president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, who was married to the actress Angélica Rivera.

The model soon became popular for his charisma, closeness to people, picture, playful, and interest to his fellows. Also used his account of Instagram to convey his teachings of life, motivational tips, exercise routines and even tips on food.

The fame of Ruiz grew even more when, after you fleshed out the separation between Peña Nieto and Rivera, she was able to confirm her romance with the political mexiquense with a tender message on your social networks.

Since then the news surrounding the couple continued. The lovers have traveled through Spain, Mexico and the united States, also attended together at various public events.

But they have also had to face criticism and even rumors of separation, although she is the one who constantly makes it clear that they continue together, while the political mexican he has never spoken about the romance.

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