Low nuance for men: short, curly, long haircut

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Singer Adam Levine often wears a low hair shade with a noticeably longer top cut. Maybe pulled back with paste or gel (Photo: Getty)

Half measures no longer exist. At least in regards to male hair shades. Not only Buzz Cut and Marines haircuts, which give freshness, especially in the hot season, are becoming very popular. There is also the low gradient men’s haircut, much loved by football star Cristiano Ronaldo and pop stars such as Mahmoud, Adam Levine and Justin Timberlake..

As in many cases, this is also a haircut a strategy that can significantly balance the volume of the face, in harmony with the hair and beard. It also makes the eyes look bigger. And for this reason it is not free from rules.

Long hair man with low gradient

Precisely because it was designed to balance, a low shade of hair in a special way gives those who have a medium length haircut at the top of the head. Thus, in fact, it slims the face and, thanks to this technique, some of hairstyle the most popular at the moment: for example, the mullet haircut with a short but not shaved shade, the Mohican haircut, ideal for those who want to emphasize a pronounced jaw or Butterfly neckline useful more.

“The low shade of hair is recommended for those who want to give fullnessa haircut“explains Mark Valente, Store manager Barberino. ” Also often shown to those who have a pronounced occipital bone and therefore want to “hide” it or disguise, giving the head a more regular shape.

The details that matter

As always when choosing type of hair, the width of the forehead also matters. Those who have it high, for example, can opt for a low but long bun-forward haircut for men. in order to create a kind of shadow framing the face from above. In this case, however, modeling wax or paste will always be needed to better define the direction of the beam.

“A faded and short cheek beard pairs well with a low-shade haircut to continue with side shaved. The goatee and mustache gradually grow forward, giving the rounded face an elongated effect, also due to chiaroscuro,” emphasizes Valente.

Curly man with low gradient

In the case of curly hair for men with low undertones, the same rules apply: the longer it is at the top, the better! Thus, it will be possible to play by moving them back, forward or sideways depending on the volume you want to highlight. The final look is very trendy but requires daily maintenance..

Despite its beauty and versatility, curly hair is harder to maintain than other types of hair. It is necessary to use certain products after cleansing, preferring rich and moisturizing formulas, because curls, especially in summer, tend to be stiff and frizzy.. In addition, to maintain vitality and elasticity, curly hair should never be dried with a classic hair dryer. At the beach or on vacation, it’s best to blot them with a towel and then let them air dry. On the other hand, in winter you can use a diffuser with a much softer jet.

Short hair for men low gradient

Those with short hair who want a low tint to further narrow their facial features can consult an experienced specialist. In fact, the risk is that facial features become hard, and only a careful and trained eye can judge whether it is appropriate to continue or not.

In any case, when the hair is short, it is better to control the nuance, creating a paleness, rather than a sharp separation.

“In order to always be on top, a low shade of hair needs to be reviewed on average once a week, but it also depends on how shaved you decide to make it. If we are talking about skin tones, then what has just been stated applies, while for longer shades, you can wait a maximum of 10 or 15 days before retouching. Whatever length you choose, it’s always best to trust a professional: nuances, whether low or high, are a work of precision and detailan insufficiently experienced hand runs the risk of not calibrating the volumes in the best possible way and thus giving the final look of the hair a sloppy and unsightly effect, ”explains expert Barberino.

Low shadow: creative ideas

To make the low shade more original, you can continue with spectacular hair dyes. color block or painted hair. However, even in these cases, it is better to contact a professional. In fact, there are hairdressers who specialize in this type of hair embellishment: you can bleach shaved hair this way, creating colored patterns afterwards with a special brush, or you can create light and dark effects with length, skillfully using a clipper.

For those who don’t want to go overboard with fantasy and limit themselves to a small style detail, there is a low gradient with a V on the back: easy to do at any time. hairdresser or a barber, it is decidedly transverse because it is never in the foreground.

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