Lubo (2023) Giorgio Rights


30 s. Ljubo Moser is a Yenish belonging to the third largest Romani community in Europe after Roma and Sinti. When the Swiss government announces a general mobilization, Ljubo is forced to give up his nomadic life and enlist in frontier defense; but one night his brother is looking for him with the news that his children were taken and taken away by the police, and his wife, who tried to resist, was killed. At this point, Lubo begins to contemplate revenge.



Original name: Ljubo
Director: George Wrights
Country/year: Italy, Switzerland / 2023
Duration: 175′
Type: Dramatic
Throw: Valentina Belle, Franz Rogowski, Joel Basman, Christian Bianco, Oliver Hui, Alessandro Zappella, Anina Sarah Baumgartner, Cecilia Steiner, Christoph Sermet, Filippo Giulini, Francesco Limenta, Noemi Besedes, Philippe Graber
Screenplay: George Wrights, Fredo Valla
Photo: Benjamin Mayer
Assembly: Paul Cotignola
Music: Marco Biscarini
Director: Fabrizio Donvito, Benedetto Habib, Marco Cohen, Daniel Campos Pavoncelli
Production house: Indiana Production, Aranciafilm, Proxima Milano, Hugo Film, Rai Cinema
Distribution: 01 Distribution

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