Luca: Director is glad it resonated with the LGBT community

Luca – 89% premiered on June 18 and quickly became a commented social media title. Everyone was delighted with the story of Italian children who profess great loyalty to each other. The film had a strong impact on the LGBT community thanks to its adorable protagonists, a fact that surprised director Enrico Casarosa, who for The Playlist shares his thoughts on the reach of Luca among the homosexual public. That representation can be seen.

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On the Italian Riviera, an unlikely but strong friendship grows between two sea monsters who are capable of disguising themselves as humans. The bond between Luca and Alberto is powerful, a bond that did not go unnoticed by the LGBT community and that shone by giving them visibility in a Pixar film. Although the film does not explicitly speak of a romance between the main characters, subtle details make us think of a very, very deep affection. For its part, Pink house talks about the projections that the public places on the protagonists and how important it is to see themselves represented, understood and celebrated.

I was a bit surprised, but sure, because we always thought with certainty, what was on our radar is that sea monsters were a wonderful metaphor for all kinds of differences. And great stories allow you to project your own problems onto the character. And we knew that we all have different ways that we grew up and we had a hard time growing up, feeling different. So we talk about race, we talk a little about race [comunidad] LGBTQ, but what we didn’t see was because we were focused on prepubescent and friendship, so we didn’t necessarily think of them romantically. And also because my best friend and I are straight men, and again, we have our own story.

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Although the director says he has not thought about a love relationship for his protagonists, the truth is that what is seen is not asked, and Luca presents us with a wonderful relationship between two friends who care about their mutual well-being. Pink house He says the film focuses on friendship but is very proud that fans have reinterpreted it so aptly and declares himself a total ally of the LGBT community. Here are the rest of their statements.

But I was really happy that it resonated because again, it’s about all the different ways we feel different and it’s about being open and curious about each other, rather than being scared. And so I certainly accepted it. Maybe I was surprised by the amount of wonderful fan art that was so good. So, I am a great ally, so I am very happy. I have been asked many times: ‘But are they gay?’ I say, ‘Well, this is a movie about friendship, not romance.’ I think that’s the little thing that I like to specify, but I’m really happy. It talks about the need for that community to be more represented, that’s not really where my inspiration came from, but I’m very happy that it resonated so strongly.

Diversity and representation have taken on a fundamental role in the entertainment industry. Every time we see more LGBT characters taking the reins of wonderful and inspiring stories that save the lives of people who in the past may have gone through difficult times of loneliness and misunderstanding.

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