Luca Guadagnino and Chloë Grace Moretz prepare ‘Blood on the Tracks’ – movie News


The director of ‘Suspiria’ latest pre-production for this project based on the letters of the iconic album of 1975 Bob Dylan.

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With his Suspiria still waving the lists of the best of 2018, Luca Guadagnino has already launched its new project. And no, we don’t speak of Burial Ritesnext to Jennifer Lawrence, or the sequel of Call Me By Your Nameif not from the adaptation of the iconic album of 1975 of Bob Dylan, Blood on the Tracks, which already has its first performer confirmed: Chloë Grace Moretz.

Guadagnino has revealed the name of Moretz, who has worked in Suspiriain an interview in the Italian publication, Bad Tasteas outlined The Film Stage. “Chloë Moretz is wonderful in the film, don’t you think? I adore this actress, is a wonderful person and has a wonderful family. I have had the opportunity to meet her while we were doing that tape, and she is…, well super![[…]And, in fact, will be in my new movie, Blood on the Tracks. […] Has an important role.”

The script Blood on the Trackstitle momentary of the project, is in charge of Richard LaGravanese (The king fisher, Erin Brockovich) and, although nothing is known about the details of the argument, itself is known to be a fiction, located in the decade of 1970 and with the album of Dylan as a leitmotiv. “When [en las canciones] they speak of repression, dramatizamos the repression and what makes them… […] And dramatizamos what happens when you let your passions get the best of everything”, declared the writer in The New Yorker.

Without a doubt, it will be an experiment that will continue to close as soon as the production is put in place, taking account of atmospheres as aesthetic director I am the love or Blinded by the sun. Also in the face of the actress, who after a time of rest seems to have resumed with energy the interpretation: to the good reception of The Miseducation of Cameron Post (that will come soon to our screens) is pending release Gretawith Isabelle Huppert, and begin to roll this 2019 Love is a Gun, the new version of Bonnie & Clyde directed by the Catalan Kike Maíllo.

For those who still have not heard the Blood on the Tracks the Nobel Prize Winner Bob Dylanyou can do it under these lines.