Luca Laurenti, you have no idea what kind of house he has: the conductor lives here

Luca Laurenti: this is how the famous Roman showman lives and where he lives. The truth that no one ever expected about him.

Luca Laurenti is one of favorite faces Italian television. He is an all-round showman: his talent is truly unique. Luka manages to easily move from acting to singing.

In addition, his innate likability has made him a true fan favorite. He is often seen, especially on television, paired with Paolo Bonolis, with whom he also shares a long friendship. The couple has firmly entered the hearts of the public, which can no longer imagine them without each other.

Laurenti actively followed many projects, ranging from radio to theater and television. His energy contagious really manages to create a connection and a unique connection with your audience. But not everyone knows where Luka lives. The home is essentially a private place to be shared with the closest members of the family, and often and willingly in the world of public faces, a person is reluctant to share it.

Luca Laurenti’s house: that’s where it is

Luca Laurenti has always had a lot Restrained regarding personal matters. Unlike his other colleagues, Luca does not like to publicly show parts of his daily life. For this reason, little is known about his personal life.

Luca Laurenti: where the famous showman lives

Luca Laurenti is home to a famous showman (PHOTO ANSA)

It is only known that the very famous showman was born in St. Rome and lived here for many years. But today the situation would be quite special: it would seem, in fact, that Luke travel back and forth between Rome and Milan.

Rome, in fact, represents not only the roots, but also the main center of his working life. It’s in the studios Cinecittain fact, where most of his work takes place and where he spends most of his time when he is involved in television projects.

However, his family will live in Milan. This would have resulted in Laurenti going back and forth between the two cities to balance things out in the best possible way. A solution that doesn’t seem very easy to apply, but you know, when it comes to family, no sacrifice is too great. Milan is a metropolitan and multifaceted city where many people like to live.

Perhaps this is where Luke recharge your batteries and your energy to always be so efficient at work. A combination that not only seems to work, but is going to be really successful.

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