Luciana Rubinska rotted from Ruggeri and crossed him live: “Not me”

The program Team F that is transmitted by ESPN It is one of the hottest television broadcasts at the sports level. There are several journalists and former players that make up the table led by Sebastian “The Chicken” Vignolo, who is supported by protagonists such as Oscar Ruggeri. It was precisely the latter who crossed paths with Luciana Rubinska and the journalist answered him forcefully.

Speaking of the present of Boca Juniors, Rubinska He began by saying: “Around there he sees the players tired. For me it is very difficult to understand, but he will see the players tired.” At that moment, Ruggeri He replied to his partner in a spicy way: “Luciana, please I ask you. Vázquez is 20 years old. He started now, he just kicked a ball. I ask you please …”.

“And but Oscar, there has to be some explanation. He is not going to kick against his own team. Don’t tell me, tell Battaglia, the Boca fans,” he replied. Rubinska, in a forceful way and exposing his discomfort at the sayings of the “Pigheaded”. Not happy with this, the former world champion retorted: “And you are saying it now. If we start with that they are tired and make them rest, we put that in their heads and the player says yes, it is good for them to rest.”

There, to finish off and make his position clear, Luciana Rubinska sentenced Ruggeri assuring him, with spicy words, that his opinion has nothing to do with or should condition the decisions made by the coaching staff (in this case, from Boca): “Oh, and is it the fault of journalism?”

Ruggeri and La Volpe fought on the ESPN F90 cut: “It was stung”

The invitation to Ricardo La Volpe to ESPN F90 generated a tremendous controversy in Sebastián Vignolo’s program. Crossing with Oscar Ruggeri it was inevitable and just a comment from the ex-archer reminding Diego Armando Maradona lit the fuse for controversy to break out. Hours later in the second edition of the cycle Marcelo “Cholo” Sottile gave details of what happened in court after the aforementioned fight.

The discussion began minutes after the former coach of the Mexican team affirmed that he would not have either Edwin Cardona or Juan Román Riquelme in their teams. He explained its fundamentals and later he referred to “Fluff” disparagingly. The “Cabezón” did not forgive him and from then on only they spoke for almost 10 minutes in which shovels were thrown at each other. Luckily it did not happen to adults but it was not far.

“It’s like the weather is cut with a gilette, It was terrible today at noon in the first edition of F90. I know that has been raised by various means. We knew it was going to be a very tense talk. Now at some point it got spicy. The truth that having Oscar Ruggeri is an honor as a partner and Ricardo La Volpe has his style, your way. And at one point it was stung ugly. I like to hear it “, Vignolo affirmed even though he questioned the opinion of his guest about Juan Román Riquelme.

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