Lucifer season 5: see summary of the series before the premiere

Image: Fox / Netflix / Playback

The Lucifer series returns this Friday (21st) on Netflix with its 5th season. But, calm down, in case you need to remember some very important things that happened in the previous seasons, we are here to help you.  

Created by Tom Kapinos, Lucifer was shown for three seasons by Fox until it was acquired by Netflix. The streaming platform produced a 4th season that debuted in 2019.

Let’s see, then, a summary of the Lucifer series, with all the seasons of the series, so you don’t miss any important details of what’s coming:

Attention, spoilers ahead!

Lucifer season 1: The new work of the Lord of Hell

When  Lucifer debuted in 2016, the title character (played by Tom Ellis) opened a nightclub in Los Angeles to enjoy a bohemian life. However, some events ended up making him meet Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German).

The two began to work together in some specific investigative cases and, even with a few games of seduction, Chloe did not yield to the Devil’s charms.

After the presentation of several crimes and their alleged culprits, Lucifer finds himself helpless and asks God for help. But in return, he needs to seek a soul that has fled hell and that could be his mother’s.

Season 2 of Lucifer: The revelations of a remote past

Lucifer remains with Chloe in resolving several important cases. However, in parallel to this, the character remains concerned about his mother and tells his personal story to Linda (Rachael Harris). His mother, however, possessed the body of Charlotte Richards and committed some ingenuity.

The season, which has 18 episodes, has a development full of tension between the cases of the detectives and also of the family conflicts between the renegade angels of hell.

In the end, Lucifer planned to reveal his origin to Chloe, but a road accident leaves a cliffhanger for the next season.

Lucifer Season 3: The Sinner’s Decline

The 3rd season debuted at the end of 2017 and developed until mid-2018 with 26 episodes. During the first few episodes, Lucifer’s wings return to his body and he believes it to be a punishment from God. Alongside this, the audience delves, along with the protagonist, into the story of Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling), also known as The Sinner.

Pierce would actually be Cain, cursed by God for murdering his brother, Abel. With the development of this character and their relationship with Chloe, in the end, Marcus finally manages to free himself from the mark imposed on his past and ends up dying. In this context, Chloe discovers Lucifer’s true face.

Lucifer season 4: The return to Hell

A month has passed since the events of last season and Chloe still doesn’t quite know how to deal with the truth about Lucifer, but she tries to act naturally. Gradually, the public meets Father Kinley (Graham McTavish), who wants to send Lucifer back to hell, and Eva (Inbar Lavi), the first sinner in history.

The conflicts are only completed with the development of the protagonist’s feelings for Chloe as he tries to deal with his new wings and a dangerous group of demons. The season ends with a kiss between Chloe and Lucifer and the farewell to the Lord of Hell, who returns to his throne.

What to expect from season 5 of Lucifer on Netflix?

The new season of the series promises to bring fans new horizons about the characters and also to tie up some pending conflicts. However, viewers must wait for the development of these plots, as the season has been divided into two parts. The first has eight initial episodes on Netflix.