Lucio Sodja: “Wow Trío performs for the first time only with their own songs”

The repertoire of new songs that they bring now opens into a range that make up Costanera Azul, La Exiliada, El accordion del Abuelo, Comandante Andresito, In sincere gratitude, Suave como brush by Dalí and Rasgos. After more than a year and a half they are playing with the public again.

Guaú Trío is Lucio Sodja on piano, Jorge Castro on drums and Alejandro Ruiz on bass. They released the albums Jazz Sudaca and Alma Guaraní.

‘Playing again after leaving some kind of war zone is unique. Some of us were able to get there and some we were not. We are going to play to keep in mind the people who cannot be playing today. In this hard year and a half that we have spent, it made us reflect on these things. We are not so young to think that we are going to live a new normal, we have a history behind us and being present now is extraordinary, difficult to assimilate. This, in my case, leaves us traces that are also in the music, in the way we play and in the way we face what we are doing, ‘said Lucio.

Guaú Trío is made up of Lucio Sodja on piano, Jorge Castro on drums and Alejandro Ruiz on bass. They have released the albums Jazz Sudaca and Alma Guaraní. Today they will be marking their return to contact with the public at the Fogón de los Arrieros, Brown 350, Resistencia. The appointment is at 9:30 p.m.

-It is the first time that the group will perform in public with its own repertoire, what was the journey they did to get to be present?

Lucio: We have been able to take the time so that that idea that we had for some years can be realized. This material will be consolidated for a future album, I don’t know if it will be physical because now the ways of spreading music are changing a lot. Maybe we will do it through digital platforms.

We visit the rhythms and languages ​​of our music to mix them with our influences. Each of us brings different things from their stories as professional musicians. Now we are going to show a repertoire with our own songs but with the same sound that the Trio had more than ten years ago. The compositions we are working on have clearly distinguishable rhythms, double rasguido, balseado correntino, guarania, chamamé, polka, galopa, all these rhythms are present in our compositions. In everything there is the jazzy flight that comes out and that we enjoy doing so much.

– During this last time they went through different stages, from not seeing each other to rehearsing in person, what did the pandemic stage leave them?

Lucio: On the one hand, the isolation time, each one did an internal personal process. Each one worked on their instrument and their art. Over time, getting together to record how was the presentation of some shows that were transmitted by streaming found us with different times. We were different. Now that we have rehearsed often and meet again, we are having another flight. In recent months we are rehearsing regularly. This allows us to feel comfortable with a new repertoire where we can transmit freedom. We are recovering the mystique of the trio.

– Can you give us a preview, what new songs will those who come to the Fogón de los Arrieros be able to hear?

Lucio: There are topics that have come up in recent months, such as In sincere gratitude. It is a song that I dedicate to Antonio Gil, to Gauchito Gil. In this topic I condense several things. There is a wonderful novel, written by Orlando Van Bredam, called Hanging by the Ankles. This novel struck me in many ways. There is a scene in the novel, when young Antonio arrives on January 6 to celebrate the Santo Cambá, I imagined that the music that could be played in that celebration was to the rhythm of the Charanda. This Afro-Colombian rhythm created by the slave deserters from Brazil. On the other hand I have a very old song that I never played in public. This was part of a dance theater play that we did with Luis Sosa more than 20 years ago. We had made a work that was based on Elisa Linch, Francisco Solano López’s partner in the Triple Alliance war. I disbelieve that old phrase that behind every great man there is a great woman, it is a lie, that great man would not exist if that great woman would not exist. When these two human beings connect, the explosion of the super nova happens and thus something different to everything is born. The song is called ‘Elisa y Francisco’s theme’, it is a romantic chamamé that has a lot of epic. We made an arrangement for the trio and we want to share with the public. With this theme I imagine all the super nova couples that we know throughout our history. Couples that are unimaginable without each other, who have marked and continue to mark our history.

Alejandro: For my part, we are going to share a composition entitled ‘Traits’. This theme arose out of my admiration for the Brazilian composer Antonio Carlos Jobim (Tom). This comes from when I was a kid and my older brother played his records. So while I was putting together a sequence of chords, I realized that it had ‘traits’ of Tom Jobim and I moved in that direction until I achieved that the song had those musical colors that marked me so much.

Jorge: I come with two songs, La Exiliada and Costanera Azul. The exile was a song that I did shortly after I arrived in Corrientes, I think it was the first thing that came out at the coastal level. It is a polka. Costanera Azul is a more recent song, I did it before the pandemic, according to my colleagues in Guaú, this melody reflects the Costanera in Corrientes. We feel very good doing our songs. I feel that everything we have been doing for so many years is reflected. Now when we touch on a subject of a colleague we have a sense of belonging different from what we had been feeling. We feel each song as our own, as a trio that we are.


General admission for tonight at the Fogón de los Arrieros will cost 400 pesos. While the partners of the institution will pay 300 pesos. As usual, those interested can make their reservations and inquiries by calling 4426418 or cell phone 362 4 59-4762.

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