Luigi Strangis sounds of the summer of 2023

Ironically, she sang “Voglio la gona” last October, the day after her victory on the talent show “Amici”. For 21-year-old Luigi Strangis from Lamezia Terme, it was a year of great musical successes, culminating in his invitation to perform at Milan Pride 2023. The evening dedicated to freedom and rights had a huge crowd for the young singer who proposed on stage. Arco Della Pace sings a summer single with Matteo Romano, “Tulipani Blue”.

In Strangis, her life has changed over the past few months. From a small following on Instagram, today the artist enters the homes of half a million people every day with his posts and his music. “There’s no need for words, it’s beautiful to be here tonight,” he said from the stage at Pride.

Luigi Strangis – Photo by Luca Micheli at Milano Pride 2023 for The Way Magazine (also below).

“I Want a Skirt” is the title of an entire album by Luigi Strangis. “Each of us should be free to express ourselves, our nature and our dreams in the best possible way and to be able to pursue them without the shackles of stereotypes” Luigi Strangis says “That’s why I decided to name the album “Voglio la gona”.
it also connects “My generation feels free and does not discriminate. We feel free to express ourselves without being imposed on how to dress and be in general.

One year later: Luigi Strangis as he is today (in a shot by Luca Micheli, June 2023 on the left) and last year at a Freddy Brand event that had just left the emcee (on the right).
Photo display Pride Milano 2023 by Luca Micheli for The Way Magazine

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Luigi started playing guitar at the age of 6. Today, at age 21, he plays piano, drums, percussion and double bass, in addition to guitar.
Due to his experience as a multi-instrumentalist, he began self-producing his first songs at the age of 15.

Duet at Milano Pride 2023: Matteo Romano and Luigi Strangis on summer hit “Tulipani Blue” (Photo by Christian D’Antonio – The Way Magazine).

In 2021, under pressure from his family, he leaves the Lemezia terme for Rome and presents himself at the Emmy auditions, presenting uncredited. i am aliveA song that gets them entry into the program.
In addition to the evening episodes of the program, his unpublished works were also presented. i am alive, Wall, I’ll start from the beginning, tondo e hold me tonight, Luigi played successful covers several times while also testing himself as a composer and arranger.
In May they won the 2022 edition of Emcee, a victory which was followed by the publication of their first EP strongisCertified Gold consisting of songs performed during the event, including singles, also certified Gold, hold me tonight,

After the first concerts in the summer, including their concert in front of more than five thousand people at the Stadio Guido d’Ippolito in Lamezia Terme, in September they published the single be nice about everything which guesses the disc of unreleased tracks i want a skirt Releasing October (21co/Artist First).

Photo of Luigi Strangis at Milano Pride 2023 by Loris Patrizzi (also the opening photo backstage).

In the same month, a live-action cinema release for families Genius Mr. Crocodile, Produced by Sony Pictures and distributed by Warner Bros. Entertainment Italia, Luigi was invited to sing the Italian version of Lyle the Crocodile’s lyrics, which in the original version are sung by Canadian singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes.

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