Luis Fonsi and his sons launch their version of a “Baby ” Shark” – Latest News from Guatemala


The puerto rican singer Luis Fonsi released today, along with their children, Mikaela and Rocco, it’s a version of the well-known theme for children Baby Sharkthat is to be included on the disc Mini-Stars Out Of Five and that, together with other world-renowned artists performing the classics for children.

“This has been a collaboration between a very special, one of my sons and I, so we are hoping that this new version of the Baby Shark to provide joy and entertainment for the children and their families from around the world, just as we do,” said Fonsi, said in a statement to the press.

The new version of the Fonsi and his sons on the subject Baby Shark it also includes an animated video, showing the artist leaping into the sea, and with several sharks. The theme is now available across all platforms of music, while the video can be seen on YouTube.

Baby Shark it was released on 26 November 2015 and all of the related videos to the song of the Pinkfong have received tens of millions of visitors, making it the phenomenon of educational video the most viewed of all time on YouTube.

At this time, the video of the song Baby Shark it is the second-most-watched in the history of YouTube, with more than 5 million 962 million site visits, after the Slowlytheme: in the style of Fonsi, and in the participation of a puerto rican Daddy Yankee, who has already surpassed the 6 billion 859 million views.

The song is from the family of a shark that is created by the division of teaching materials of the korea SmartStudy, has been folded into at least 11 different languages. Pinkfong, for its part, has about 25 million followers.

Baby Sharkin the same way , he used it as the anthem of the baseball team of the Nationals in Washington, d.c. the title of the game in 2019 at the latest. Its use came into being when the player is in the venezuelan Gerardo Parra, and wanted to use each and every time we went out, heading to the batting.

According to a report by the television channel NBC Washington, Parra, was going through a bad sequence of batting, and I wanted to change the music, when played to him at the time.

Initially, I didn’t want Baby Sharkit continued to ring through the phone, his daughter, two years, I listened to continuously when I used the cell phone to his father.

Mini-Stars Out Of Fiveestablished by the canal of the infant Pinkfong, it’s an album that includes versions of a Mariposita, by Sebastian Yatra; The Cow, Lola Theby Nacho; The hen, turulecafor Guaynaa; Starfor Greeciy, and The dog is Pickyby the time Joey Montana.

Each and every one of the themes that have an animated video in which the artists, in the cartoon, they appear at key moments in the story, and the environments are inspired by each and every one of their songs.


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