Luis Miguel burst into tears: He was deeply moved by his 20th concert

Luis Miguel broke down in tears during his final concert at the Movista Arena in Chile as fans gave him a standing ovation and the singer couldn’t control his emotions. The vulnerable reaction surprised thousands of fans who attended the show.

Luis Miguel experienced one of the most exciting moments of his tour, surrounded by musicians and in front of 16,000 spectators. He was visibly moved and wiped away tears multiple times, sparking excitement among his followers.

“Oh my God,” fans heard him capture the moment on video and shared it to their networks, where he received hundreds of comments praising his performance and his final performance in Chile. The emotion that comes out of the concert.

Ever since it was announced that the “Girl in a Blue Bikini” singer would be returning to the stage with an ambitious tour, the rush to see “El Sol” hasn’t stopped.

Instead, it increases with each presentation. First in Argentina, where she caused a stir with her new, slimmer look.

The new appearance of “Luismi” caused controversy as some considered it a “stand-in”, the singer did not comment on the rumors and just continued with every performance in Argentina and Chile with all his heart.

After arriving in Chile, some of his followers were worried because Luis Miguel developed a cough during the first show.

He was diagnosed with bronchitis, but despite this he did not cancel any of the 10 concerts at the Movistar Arena, where he was satisfied with his way of dancing, music and singing.

He will return to the stage on September 15th at Dolby Live in Las Vegas.

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