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On September 6, Luis Miguel performed for the last time in Chile, where he gave 10 concerts as part of a tour, experiencing very emotional moments, especially on Wednesday, when he received the long The applause of time made him shed tears.

Since it was announced that the translator of “The Girl in the Blue Bikini” will return to the stage with an ambitious tour, the rush to see “The Sun” again has not subsided, on the contrary it has increased with each performance, first of all in Argentina, where he The new, slimmer image caused a stir and even sparked controversy, as some thought it was “a stand-in for Louis M.” He did not stop to clarify these versions, he just sang and sang and was happy.

After arriving in Chile, some of his followers were concerned that Luis Miguel coughed during the first show and was diagnosed with bronchitis, but despite this he did not cancel the 10 concerts scheduled for the Movistar Arena any of them. He is happy with the way he dances, music and sings.

Surrounded by his musicians and with an audience of 16,000 in front of him, Luis Miguel experienced one of the most emotional moments of his tour so far, during his 20th show last night , when he was praised by the people, he burst into tears at the end of his speech; he was visibly moved and wiped his tears many times, which caused excitement among his followers because the “sun” appeared in front of the audience in this way is very unusual.

It didn’t take long for social media to respond to the touching moment. Videos of the singer’s emotional breakdown have gone viral on platforms like Twitter, Instagram and especially TikTok. Thousands of fans and casual fans alike have commented on the artist’s authenticity and humanity, proving that there’s a human being behind the icon.

Luis Miguel’s time in Chile undoubtedly left an indelible mark on him and his followers. After the concert series ends, the artist will continue touring in other countries across the United States. Mexicans are anxious because the “sun” will rise in Mexico starting in November.

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