Luis Miguel: Cecilia Gutierrez reveals illness she may have

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Luis Miguel This is one of the most recurring themes today. His return to Chile has managed to attract media attention, either for his ten concerts or speculation about his health. In fact, in the final hours after the show was made, they had to clarify that the artist was not hospitalized.

Cecilia GutiƩrrez took charge of clarifying the matter at the last minute on Wednesday, leaving her fans up in the air before she might pause her speech. although, Luis Miguel She and those in her entourage avoided comment, but that did not stop reporters from pursuing sources.

The members of the “Star Zone” panel promised on the day to provide details about the diagnosis of the Mexican singer. Gutierrez assured on his Instagram story that he had spoken with the staff of the clinic that Luis Miguel went to before the concert to check on his condition and he finally received the expected confirmation.

According to the correspondent, the singer has bronchitis After intense discomfort and a series of studies. After learning about the Mexican’s condition, professionals decided to speed up his recovery with corticosteroids and other antibiotics. She assured other details in a couple of Instagram stories: “Not only is he running a fever, but his partner, Paloma Cuevas, is also running a fever. They went to the clinic together,” he explained .

In addition, he revealed that the translation was: “Very good, very kind to the medical staff. He even gave tickets to the doctors who treated them”, emphasizing that the singer has a good attitude despite being in a bad mood. However, that’s not all the information Cecilia has, because as a scoop, she revealed a controversial situation: “I have information for you guys,” she told her fans. “Not only did she suffer from bronchitis, which forced her to leave Argentina,” she began. “He and Paloma are not in good health because They assured the clinic that at the hotel where he was staying, they had been cleaned with a fluid that could have caused adverse reactions that would have been detrimental to both of them.“He elaborated.

The reporter is now notorious for being the person best equipped with verified information about what really happened. Luis Miguel And added, “Although his concert will end on the 6th, he will still book a hotel until September 12.” On the other hand, it is reported that the star’s girlfriend has left the country, hoping to eventually Over the next few days, Luismi was able to complete his recovery, showing off to thousands of fans eager to hear the news. His best song in concert.

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