Luis Miguel criticized after second concert in Chile: ‘It looks like a big karaoke’

after success Luis Miguel While in Argentina, he started trade Some difficulty During your stay in Chilebecause after a health problem, been criticized For his followers in this country.

This is because, despite being sick weekend singer decided to continue their presentation and offer the second of ten concert arranged in the itinerary; however, his Physical condition is not the best.

In social networks, people who attended the event they say they are disappointedgiven that”“Mexican Sun” Can’t Sing all complete songs because have a little cough.

It was also said singer sounds tired and avoid singing the highest notes, as luis miguel reveals i have a throat problem This prevented him from performing the show properly.

So some fans of the translator of The Girl in Blue Bikini They describe the concert as A “Popular Karaoke”, Because the artist made the public sing most of the songs, while he kept silent.

they complain about luis miguel on the internet

there are even user from twitter who introduced A complain Before the Chilean National Consumer Service, Because they think they paid too much for tickets and didn’t see a high-quality performance, for this reason They feel cheated.

“I’ve left Luis Miguel’s show, honestly, I feel cheated, the song he sings is nothingness, it looks like karaoke, he’s very sick, he can’t sing the whole song. I would like to know how to make a formal complaint, I spent 200,000 pesos on karaoke’ wrote one event attendee.

others said better to postpone the concert Luis Miguel plans to stay in Chile until he fully recovers because of He wasn’t doing well.

Even so, there are Netizens WhatAnd in defense of “Luismi,” because they guarantee he is a very professional artist Despite his poor health, he has brought out the best in himself for all his fans.

“An artistand renounced himself, To his audience, despite all the health complications.I can’t sing straight, can’t hit the pitch, but still Successfully created a wonderful and unforgettable performancewrote one concert-goer.

other people they took Condition humorously and they made memes Regarding the so-called doubles that the singer uses when he is not feeling well; there have also been requests to rest him so that he can recover as soon as possible.

What’s wrong with Luis Miguel?

he the past Saturday, “Mexican Sun” arrives in Chile; however, present Some cold symptoms such as fever and general malaise, went to the hospitalAccording to Chilean journalist Cecilia Gutierrez.

After medical treatment, the singer try to improve Soon, they decided to go ahead with the ten dates scheduled for the country, and even correspondents said luis miguel ok And is only affected by temperature changes.

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