Luis Miguel hospitalized for emergency; how is your health?

The singer is out of danger. / Hotel Excelsior

Luis Miguel Was touring after a few years away from the stage.After a series of speeches ArgentinaDuring the show, the singer was admitted to an emergency hospital with health problems that dragged on for days.

According to media reports, in chilithe country where they will continue to hold concerts; the translator of Moderate Entering a medical unit for treatment strong grip It bothered him for a long time.

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Chilean journalist Cecilia GutiƩrrez posted about the incident artist. In that sense, his fans have previously expressed concern about his physical condition.

However, skin color Luis Miguel This has nothing to do with the urgent hospitalization he requested. Instead, it was a severe case of flu that had been treated by specialists.

Some viewers said they did notice vocal issues with the singer during recitals. However, they didn’t know he was suffering from a viral illness because they saw him give his best in every job. date.

Will Luis Miguel suspend touring?

One of the questions left by the artist’s hospitalization is whether he will continue his world tour.this is because it has an agreed date Latin America, USA and Mexico.

Gutierrez stated that the Luis Miguel He’s out of danger and there’s nothing major wrong with him because he canceled the concert.

Despite his fever and malaise from the flu, it’s a sign he doesn’t want to reschedule his presentation to fully improve. Instead, it will maintain an agenda already established.

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