‘Luis Miguel: La Serie’ Sweeps Social Networks During the Premiere of the Second Season

Netflix announces the premiere of the second season of 'Luis Miguel: The series'.

Millions of fans positioned the second season of the series that narrates the life of Luis Miguel as the most talked about during the first hours of premiere

The discoveries about the whereabouts of Marcela BasteriMicky’s confrontation with his uncle Tito and the singer’s emotional meeting with his daughter Michelle Salas were the most talked about topics of the first two episodes of ‘Luis Miguel: La Serie’ at the premiere of its second season.

# LuisMiguelLaSerie2 yesterday headed the trends on Twitter, where it registered more than 32 thousand tweets in the first three hours since its premiere.

Among the Twitter trends, some of the names of characters and actors who participate in this new installment were also positioned: Diego Boneta, Marcela, #HastaQueMeOlvides, Juanpa Zurita, Micky, Michelle, Luis ReyCamila Sodi, Tito, ALEXITO IS BACK, and Macarena Achaia.

While, through his Instagram account Camila Sodi he gave an emotional message in which he expressed his admiration for Isabela Camil, who starred in the series as a couple of the singer.

“ERIKA, ‘What a level of a woman.’ @issabelacamil it has been an honor for me to interpret in fiction, the version that someone has of you during a specific moment in your life. I have done it with all the loverespect, and admiration that I have for you. Thank you for allowing me to reimagine you and interpret this memory that someone has of you ”, wrote Sodi at the bottom of the publication in which she shared a photograph of the character and a few seconds of her participation in a scene.


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In contrast, Juanpa Zurita’s performance was criticized on social media, as users highlighted that his expressions lacked strength.

Carlos Rivera joked with the actor by reminding him of the repetitive question from last season: “ Micky, do you know where Mom is? “, He put when sharing a Zurita publication.

Without yet appearing in the episodes, Macarena Achaga became a trend with more than 14 thousand tweets from her fans, who have made other of her projects a trend, such as a couple “Juliantina” from the telenovela ‘Amar a Muerte’.


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