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Luis Miguel He was constantly talked about during his stay in Chile and rumors of him being hospitalized last Tuesday spread like wildfire, but reporters denied the news. Cecilia Gutierrez.

during an interview “The sun is coming out”Reporter reveals singer suffers bronchitis. Also, according to him, artists have to take corticosteroids to be able to sing on stage.

“Luis Miguel has been to the emergency services clinic more than once. On Tuesday, after his second concert in Chile, he had to go again in the evening.”

According to the reporter, Luis Miguel experienced Body, throat and chest discomfort. So, as Cecilia Gutierrez mentioned, a study was done to finally diagnose bronchitis.

“He was not feeling well and had a lot of body pain, pain in the throat and chest. A chest scan was done to rule out any pathology and ultimately Luis Miguel’s diagnosis was bronchitis.”

Ana Maria Alvarado Questioned the veracity of the singer’s vitamin shots to maintain health by questioning Chilean journalists physical performance During a concert in Chile.As Cecilia shared, in addition to her vitamins, she also takes a drug called Corticosteroids.

“He’s been injecting himself constantly. I know he travels with his personal doctor, but he still sees the doctor here (in Chile), and the medical team from the clinic visits him every day at his hotel, not only giving him Vitamin injections but he’s also on corticosteroids, which allows him to perform on stage every night.”

Cecilia Gutiérrez explained that the purpose of these injections is to let the singer perform Every day on stage, as he did during his time in Chile.

“Corticosteroids are not a long-term treatment, but they work quickly, which allows him to be on stage every day, because he has already played three times in Chile.”

In the end, the Chilean journalist emphasized that despite the singer’s vocal difficulties, he made up for it with his love and interaction with the public. This is because some followers have expressed concerns about the quality of the Mexican artist’s voice.

What are corticosteroids?

corticosteroids, also called Corticosteroidsthey are a drug Contains corticosteroids Produced naturally by the adrenal glands in the body. These hormones play a variety of important roles in the body, including regulating metabolism, the immune system, stress response and inflammation.

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