Luis Miguel suffers from bronchitis and is treated with corticosteroids

Luis Miguel Despite health problems, he continues to give his all on stage and after 10 concerts in Argentina, where he shone with all his light, he arrives at chili Things weren’t exactly good, because from the very first show, the artist was caught coughing and there were rumors that he was hospitalized, but it was just about going to the hospital for a medical checkup.

call”mexican sun“He gave three concerts in Chile and despite everything he gave on stage, the coughing became more and more pronounced, and even at different times in the evening Luismi handed the microphone to the public, showing that he was not He felt good, but he made up for it with a great attitude, because last night I sent his fans a few kisses to say thank you.

Fans are concerned that he will have to cancel concerts in order to recover; as of now, the entertainer, who has not returned to the stage after a long absence, has not commented on the matter.

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Chilean journalist Ceci GutiĆ©rrez noted in an interview with the program “Sale el Sol” that Luis Miguel had visited the hospital several times in recent days due to a diagnosis of bronchitis, explaining that The singer had to go to the hospital on Tuesday, said. Went to the hospital again after his second concert in Chile because of severe pain in his body, throat and chest; the interpreter of “The Girl in the Blue Bikini” underwent a chest scan to rule out any pathology.

The singer has permanently injected herself vitamin b12It is understood that his personal doctor traveled with him, however, as well as going to the hospital, the doctor also treated him at his hotel and provided him with treatment. Corticosteroids (a natural or synthetic chemical substance whose activity is similar to that of a hormone derived from cholesterol, produced in the adrenal cortex; it is used as a medicine for different diseases), which allows him to take the stage and present his show with vigor .

Ceci Gutierrez mentioned last night was the worst time he felt because i keep coughingin addition to hearing difficult to pronounce (losing normal voice timbre due to functional or organic impairment of the larynx), in the Internet, the public has started to get angry saying that they seem to go to karaoke instead of going to a concert, however, many of their fans believe this a little. They clapped and were chased off the stage amid last night’s cheers.

His show in Chile was much shorter than in Argentina, where it was over two hours long, compared to about an hour and 40 minutes in Santiago; today he has no show scheduled so he can take a break.

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