Luis Miguel undergoes bariatric surgery

Luis Miguel underwent surgery to lose weight, using a gastric sleeve and removing part of his intestine so he can eat very little food, Dr Cristian de la Torre has confirmed.

Led by Paloma Cuevas, Luis Miguel decided to change his diet and went to a specialist who advised him to have the surgery because they found out he was diabetic Upfront, it will be necessary to change his eating habits, which should be based on the intake of: fat and protein, zero flour, sugar and alcohol, although you can have a drink now and then.

Diagnosed with bronchitis, Luis Miguel will take a day off from his next series of concerts, having given two of his 10 concerts in Chile.

Most fans were fascinated when they saw Luismi, others on the network said they were disappointed by the shortness of the concert and his lack of voice as he kept coughing during the second show, which they said looked like karaoke , as it sings to the public.

As if that wasn’t enough, doctor admits sun He also underwent cosmetic surgery, marking his abdomen because of the noticeable swelling of the skin.

An interdisciplinary team of doctors provided Luis Miguel’s care, in addition to frequent visits to the hyperbaric oxygen chamber and other red-light treatments.

Now I understand why people like Luis Miguel don’t have normal lives and their bills are so high because normal people don’t have enough money for so many expensive treatments.

The singer also needs vitamin B12 to feel good, but he forgot his dose, which is why he feels tired.

They injected her with corticosteroids so she could keep singing and another drug that made her produce red blood cells.

All in all, as long as you pay close attention and follow your doctor’s instructions, you will be able to succeed and fulfill so many commitments because the company that organizes the trip has invested millions of dollars.

Besides, since Paloma is traveling with her girls, they always request two rooms, at least until the girls go back to school.

Fans were dying to meet Taylor Swift, and yesterday, that date arrived for the first of four concerts she will be performing at CDMX. time travelin the Sun Forum.

Some followers paid for the VIP package, which cost up to 16,000 pesos, but were disappointed to open the souvenir box to find that the badge had no LED light, the bag had no date or city engraved on it, and there was no exclusive poster. Because in the US, they do, and the package is sent to that address.

The merchandise box includes a special set of four posters, tote bag, a VIP ticket, a pin, badge and lanyard, stickers and a set of cards.

I have an open question: for this price, they should customize the VIP package, like they do in the US. They don’t believe it?

There’s more…but I’ll tell you that’s all.


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