Luis Miguel’s situation does not improve, Paloma Cuevas gestures to him

To this day, the health status remains Luis Miguel It continues to attract a lot of attention. All alarms were raised recently, as the singer was urgently hospitalized in Chile with suspected bronchitis.

Since then, the Mexican Soleil tour of Latin America has been halted, although there are no concerns about his health. According to this, pigeon holeRealizing that his partner was going through a difficult time, he wanted to offer him encouragement with a kind gesture.

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Paloma Cuevas and her beautiful details with Luis Miguel

no doubt Luis Miguel As far as fitness goes, he hasn’t had his best moments yet. The singer, who suffers from bronchitis, started having real problems during the second leg of his Chilean tour, when they took him into a clinic in the capital.

as the magazine says face, “He was hospitalized in Santiago, Chile, with a severe flu and a fever.” Despite the delicate situation, the Paloma Cuevas couple are reluctant to give up their concert tour. In fact, as usual, he worked really hard to give it his all on stage.

Closeup of Luis Miguel smiling at designer Rosa Clará's son's pre-wedding


on the other hand, pigeon holeHe knows your partner has struggled a lot with recovery from health issues and wants to talk to him about it.

It was on social networks that the designer posted a photo of her smiling from ear to ear with the song Smilefilmed by Luis Miguel backstage.

The story of Paloma Cuevas posing, smiling, and winking at Luis Miguel

| @palomacuevasofficial, Instagram

The move could have been aimed at the Mexican to lift his spirits amid the complicated circumstances he is going through.

Final moments of Luis Miguel’s health

A number of international media have clarified that Luis Miguel’s health is not as fragile as rumored.In addition, the couple pigeon hole He just had symptoms of the common cold, but nothing serious.

“The Sun is fine. It is a state of fever, but it does not mean that he canceled the concert, but because of the temperature change”, assures journalist Cecilia Gutierrez.

Other sources confirmed that the Mexican artist will suffer the consequences of injections of weight-loss drugs.

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