Lukaku and his new girlfriend: this is rapper Megan Thee Stallion

His presence went hand in hand with the Inter striker Romelu Lukaku in marriage between Lautaro Martinez And Agustina Gandolfo – held last May 29 at the Villa d’Este in Sernobio on Lake Como – caught the attention of more than a few people and spread the gossip and the masses of the web, but megan the stallion This headline is definitely not new.
for the century Megan Jovan Ruth Peet1995-born American, rapper and songwriter profession with lots of Grammys, three in fact: a name, hers, that might not be the most familiar, though it’s practically impossible to avoid her radio hits. Uncultured, cutest pie Together dua lipa And wap with the help of my colleague cardi b, a veritable catchphrase of 2020, are actually just three of the American rapper’s most famous songs that have topped the charts for a long time. Three studio albums, a few mixtapes, several singles, over twenty three million monthly listeners on the Spotify streaming platform, and over thirty million followers on Instagram. but also an actressthat hulk on Disney+), producer (in 2021 she signed a contract with Netflix to produce exclusive content) and meanwhile, also holds a degree in ‘Health Administration’ from Texas State University.
career of megan the stallion (whose stage name is a reference to the word ‘stud’, a reference to his physical prowess) started in 2016 after the publication of a few freestyle videos, then to achieve real success in 2019 and is still on the record Olympus today continues to rise: often at the center of discussion for its candid lessons and videos (as is the case with wapDefined as a “whirlwind of sensuality and intense vulgarity” and, also for this reason, immediately became a worldwide hit), Megan is absolutely not afraid to freely say what she thinks and assert her rights , because “this is what I think you represent in my music, which doesn’t have limits or restrictions”.

Self-confidence, ‘body positivity’ and female empowerment are the main themes of her production, which are also used as a vehicle to denounce injustice and violence faced by women. “With my music, I want to let the world know how confident I am,” she said, “and basically, I tell other women and even boys how and how much I feel.” I want them to feel the same way. In the future, I want to be a good example for someone.”

However, it hasn’t been all roses in the artist’s life: after losing his father during high school and his manager mother a few years earlier, the rapper was shot by a co-worker in 2020. tory lanez (who denied all charges and will receive the verdict of the subsequent trial on 13 June), an event which greatly upset him: “I cannot be happy, I am not able to interact with people for a long time, I feel I didn’t want to be a part of this earth anymore,” she declared during her testimony, adding, “If I had known I would have to endure all this, I would have preferred if he had killed me with those bullets.” However, clearly leaving the past behind, Megan Looks like he has found peace of mind today thanks to the footballer Lukaku (known for Rock Nation jay zee), with whom, according to the paparazzi was shot at the exclusive wedding (which included, among others, extravagant guests such as J.Avior Zanetti, Stéphane de Vries, Emiliano ‘Dibu’ Martinez and Danilo D’Ambrosio), certainly appears to be tender.

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