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Luly Bossa put on a thong and showed off her “great body” in photos

The renowned Colombian actress, Luly Bossa, He turned on social networks with a series of photographs in which he comes out showing off his figure at 57, which he has managed to achieve thanks to a exercise routine and good nutrition.

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“These photos today because it is my training process and good eating habits and other little things. In my stories I show you before and after of other people with the challenge that I am doing. It has not only been to achieve the short, medium and long term goals, it is what is happening with one in the mind, in the energy and in the soul. I lack, a rest, there the light helps, but what I love is seeing how the muscles are getting stronger throughout my body “, wrote the celebrity in the publication that quickly surpassed the 24,000 ‘Likes’.

And he continued: “amo the process. What can I tell you but what I live. Nobody pays me for this. But they can benefit you in many ways. I promise you that you are the best chisel to sculpt your own body. And it is cheaper than a lipo. I think. You are in time for us to do the challenge together. Go to my stories ”.

Thanks to the “sensuality” From fellow content creator at OnlyFans, Bossa managed to spearhead social media trends with photos that went around the world.

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Look here at the photographs with which Luly Bossa ignited social networks:

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