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It is impossible to bring the Moon to Earth without buying a small part of it. It’s not a Moon States slogan, but it could be, since this North American company, led by Dennis M. Hope, is selling tiny 1-acre plots of the Moon for $34. Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman or John Travolta, and even two former US presidents already co-own the Moon, and at a price it is affordable for almost everyone

But where does all this seeming madness come from? Outer Space Treaty The 1967 law prohibits any country from claiming sovereignty over any celestial body. This agreement, promoted by the US and the USSR at the height of the space race, has been signed by 113 countries since its ratification. However, this document is not about individuals claiming ownership of the moon, which Dennis M. Hope took advantage of in the 1980s.

The man sent a letter to the UN announcing that he owns the Moon and 9 planets and that he intends to divide their surface and sell it. Since then, this is what he has been dedicated to. The sale of land on the moon brought him a profit of 9 million euros, according to his own Hope. Given that he is selling 0.4 hectares for 34 euros, selling the entire lunar surface would net him $32,774 million in his pocket.

His company Moon States has 6 million customers. including Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman or John Travolta, as well as two former US presidents, according to Hope.

To manage these territories and their resources, Nadezhda established an institution in which the owners themselves participate, which he called the Galactic Government, which has its own constitution and flag, as well as its own currency.

However, in truth, there is no legal support for the Hope initiative, so the acts of sale and purchase of sections of the moon are invalid. ABC says “it’s a scam because the moon and other celestial bodies are not purchasable”, but the fund’s 34 euros are worth more than the illusion that we’re partially owners of the moon. ?

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