Lupillo Rivera has let go of a tremendous scolding Chiquis Rivera for posing without panties on Instagram

Jenni Rivera’s daughter is living a painful separation that could end in divorce, many believe that this possible loneliness has led her to exploit her most daring vein

Lupillo Rivera is Chiquis Rivera’s uncle, and although they get along very well since in addition to family they are friends, the famous “Toro del Corrido” takes his protective role over the daughter of his late sister Jenni Rivera very seriously

On this occasion, the singer has made people listen because he did not like that his niece appeared on Instagram without panties. Chiquis Rivera shared the audio that his uncle sent him about it, who even asked his permission to comment on the photograph. Claiming later that he could not since it had deactivated the messages option for the image.

Lupillo, in addition, has asked her to be covered in order to upload this type of publication to Instagram, so as not to be so exposed and uncovered in public view. And it is that the singer has not liked to see her niece without panties on the network.

Chiquis, for his part, also reacted to his uncle’s voice message assuring that nothing is seen. But she also highlights that it seems sweet to her that Lupillo Rivera is pending and worries about her.

This is the image that Lupillo seems to have disliked and for which his niece Chiquis was struck by it.