Luxury apartment in Brussels, a restyling that evokes the aesthetics of the 60s and 70s

A luxury apartment in Brussels with 70s aesthetics where steel is the protagonist

What always amazes us about Belgians? There is no doubt that they like to experiment and take risks. Unexpected ingredients in unexpected places, unusual blends, shapes that break the rules of “what should be.” In the forest district of Brussels, this apartment is a breath of fresh air among the usual urban interior design proposals. The super-luxury aesthetic of François Catroux and the best of the 60s and 70s, which – we tell you – is back in vogue.

But let’s go in order. Arnout de Sutter is a Belgian architect with a cultural background and sophisticated aesthetic contexts used to work with creative professionals, from gallery owners to stylists. “They usually have a clear idea of ​​the direction they want to go. I translate this concept into a project that further solidifies the idea.he claims.

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When De Sutter first entered this house, the attic of A Modernist building built in the 1950s R. DeGeneff and J. by thomas, saw a spot With an unusual, triangular plant, The building is situated at the end of a street on a corner. An aspect that was not taken into account in the layout, resulting in rooms of unimaginable dimensions, either too large or too small, and large amounts of space not well utilised. Add to this that today’s lifestyle has nothing to do with that time. For all these reasons, In agreement with the landlady, it was decided to remove all dividing walls and build a new arrangement from scratch,

nature to celebrate

addicted to constant travel, Stylist and fashion designer Laura Pratt He was looking for a place where he could relax and meet friends with his dog Teo. He wanted a home with open, flowing spaces “so that, during dinner, guests can start with an aperitif around the kitchen island, then move to the dining room and end the conversation on a sofa that the client designed himself”, De Sutter explains. For this purpose, the master bedroom was converted into the new kitchen and the old kitchen was converted into a guest room. original cubex cabinet“Which now form the headboard of the bed, like a pleasant reminder of the past”, he continued.

Pete-Albert Goethals

“The landlady is very influenced by designer François Catroux and the materials from the 60s and 70s such as stainless steel, carpeting and the round bathtub,” explains architect Arnaut de Sutter.

De Sutter took bedroom size into account in the new layout of this luxury apartment Great work by artists like Gilbert & Georg and Olafur Eliasson He will prepare the apartment, as well as lighting, which is very important in Belgium. “The apartment is located in one of the highest points of Brussels. By breaking down the inner walls, We’ve created a breathtaking 270° view of the cityWhich ensures that the apartment is constantly bathed in sunlight throughout the day,” explains the architect.

hot steel

The living area is a gleaming tour de force of steel and dark wood, choice Aggressive and ultra-contemporary which undoubtedly influences the personality of the entire household, We like the way both materials are arranged throughout the space in an unconventional and, as we have already said, daring way. The front of the fireplace and part of the wall of the main living room have been lined with stainless steel platesA futuristic touch softened by the carpet in a nice creamy beige.

All interior design of the house is one Masterfully crafted hot and cold balance game, A large-scale work by Olafur Eliasson, in dark gray, stands out against the living room’s steel. The leather of the armchairs contrasts with the transparent and smoked plexiglass tables. but real room star is undoubtedly Circular Sofa in Cream Velvet Designed by Swami, All very Catroux.

The kitchen, for its part, maintains the same dynamic. An incredibly sophisticated steel island in sculpture form — not exactly industrial, as one might guess — goes hand in hand with floor-to-ceiling built-in cabinetry in dark wood with strong grain.

final touches

And just when we thought home had nothing more to offer, we find The Sleeping Place. after passing through a short corridor with wardrobes with large mirrored doors – note, these are also very on trend – we find the main bedroom, completely covered in beige stoneware and in which it is integrated a big round bathtub, very ’70s, In which to relax and enjoy the view of the city.

Arnout de Sutter concluded, “The great result of the reconstruction of this apartment is that, although major renovations have been carried out and the floor plan deeply reconfigured, its authenticity and charm have not been lost.” And we couldn’t agree more.

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