Luz Médica, clinic involved in the investigation into the possible death of Marita Verón | He is from the Luz y Fuerza Union in the province of Tucumán.

this Medical Light Clinic from province tucuman,Link to Investigation into possible death of Maria de los Angeles “Marita” VeronFounded in 2013, the nursing home made news in 2022 when a Legionella outbreak killed six people.

From August 20 to 23 last year, six patients, including clinic staff, began to develop symptoms of bilateral pneumonia of unknown cause.

A few days later, new cases of Legionella — a bacterium that primarily affects the respiratory tract and often causes pneumonia — were added — all of which corresponded to “the same outbreak and the same site of infection.”

The clinic in Marcos Pass (900 km from the capital of Tucumán) was closed for more than 40 days due to the Legionella outbreak.

At the time, Luis Medina Ruiz, the provincial health minister, said, “Everything has its protocol and we are committed to the scientific evidence. We are working with experts from all over the world to diagnose and actively search, sample and process These data,” before he said the professionals “will be out until Friday.”

Regarding the operation of the clinic (which is closed and patients have been transferred), he has said that “until one hundred percent is sure that the bacteria are no longer present, authorization will not be granted.”

A lawyer for Suzanne Trimaco, the mother of “Marita”, assured a press conference yesterday at the headquarters of the Maria de los Ángeles Foundation in Tucumán that, The Luz Médica clinic “may be one of the places where the body of the young woman who disappeared in 2002 is stored”.

Jose D’Antona insisted that “in other places other than clinics or hospitals, he may have been there before he got there as well.”

With 78 medical professionals and 120 employees, the Luz Médica nursing home was founded by union member Julio Luna, who was hospitalized with severe covid-19 infection, according to its website. Passed away in December 2020 at the age of 74.

Luna was longtime leader of Luz y Fuerza, the union that is now involved in Trimarco’s cause.

In addition, Luna headed the Tucumán BB basketball club, of which he was a player and later became its president.

His aim was to be president of San Martin in the early 2000s before taking control of the all-boys football club in San Miguel de Tucumán, but the Ale family won the fight.

The mother said this morning that the people involved in the investigation into her daughter’s disappearance “are very close friends of Rubén ‘La Chancha’ Ale” and that “the fight started because ‘La Chancha’ wanted to take over those unions (these were mentioned in the reason), and that’s when the folder came.”

According to today’s press release, the folder contains photos that show Marita Veron dead and may have been used as blackmail in a union power dispute.

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