Lydia del Carmen Ramos needs medical help

San Pedro Sula.

Donations can be made through BAC Savings Account: 722669731 in the name of Daniela Michelle Ramos.

Mrs Lydia del Carmen Ramos 61 years old, she is the mother of our colleague reporter life part from dla prenza, Daniela Ramos.Currently, he is waiting for a medical examination The fourth chemotherapy.Afterwards, you must undergo various tests, including abdominal CT, Then undergo surgery to remove the tumor blocking the stomach.

Treatment is expensive, daughters, Daniela and Rocio, They need possible financial support to undergo the above-mentioned surgeries, medications and other tests.

To help her, a GoFunMe account was set up for this woman. lydia del carmen. For those who would like to donate, please donate there. You can also do this through your savings account. Beihang University: 722669731, name Daniela Michelle Ramos.

In May this year, the woman’s health condition Lydia del Carmen Ramos He collapsed after developing symptoms thought to be gastritis. After an endoscopy at a private clinic, the medical report revealed suspicion of gastric cancer. However, the biopsy results for this test came back “negative” and he was found to have severe gastritis and gastric obstruction (tumor).

As his health continued to deteriorate, lydia del carmen referred to emergency Honduras Institute of Social Security (IHSS), where the specialist who treated her confirmed she had a tumor while evaluating the biopsy and had to undergo emergency surgery because it was preventing her from eating and drinking, but he could not confirm whether she had a tumor. It’s a tumor. benign or malignant tumorsbecause the result of the biopsy could be a false negative, but I could verify it even after the surgery.

Lidia Del Carmen was unable to have surgery at IHSS; she had to have surgery at a private hospital. Unfortunately, the tumor could not be removed, and the doctor who operated on her in the operating room confirmed suspicion that it was a tumor. cancerous tumor he must first obey Chemotherapy Reduce it, then remove it.

Lydia del Carmen has started her courses since August Chemotherapy inside IHSS, they said four or three have been completed. Due to the aftermath of the third, the fourth cannot be done this week because he cannot undergo such aggressive treatment. His health is fragile but stable. It is expected that over the next few days they will be able to stabilize it so it can continue.

Whether she is a candidate for a fourth round of chemotherapy will not be known until October 3, the date of her new appointment with Social Security. In the meantime, he needs medication to control vomiting and combat dehydration.

Your help is vital, Lydia del Carmen Ramos urges your solidarity and support in order to restore her quality of life and continue to enjoy her loved ones, who hope and trust that God’s mercy and love will be with her reflected on the body.

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