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Antonio Attolini Mulla

The election of a coordinator or coordinators by means of surveys has two fundamental advantages: first, the people, not the party leadership, determine the outcome; chance of winning. Investigation is the most democratic method available: it is by means and therefore by results.

When everyone is clear on how, when and how to deal with the legitimate demands of 5 co-workers and a servant to accept a task responsibility (requiring a position) there is no risk of rupture or dissatisfaction. No one is redundant, we are all essential because we never stop fighting. A coordinator without a job to coordinate is useless.

Marcelo, Adan, Ricardo, Gerardo and Manuel were all opposition in the internal elections until September 27th, but on September 6th we were partners again. There are multiple proposals and perspectives competing to convince the Mexican people, but we must remain united in action to ensure that the transformation continues and not stops.

I have no doubt that the tasks of our Party National Committee and the diligent and informal work of the Election and Inquiry Commission are being carried out with the utmost professionalism and clarity. I know the rules, process and possible outcomes. I agree with that, and I recognize that we are the party that is best able to deal with its internal divisions because it does so in front of the people.

September 27th marks the final day of this unprecedented process in our sport’s history. From August 28th to August 5th, the survey will be conducted, the resulting data will be processed, and the results will be prepared to be released to all Mexicans. The best is yet to come.

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