Lynette in Genshin Impact: How to Get It and Abilities

Find out what’s special about Lynette in Genshin Impact. Here’s how to get it, its unique passive ability, and what role it plays in combat.

Lynette is one of the playable characters in the game Genshin Shock We can use it in our adventures.In order to build a good team of adventurers, you need meet each character And also to know which ones are the best.Next, in this entry of our complete guide, we’ll show you how do you get it For Lynette, her featurewhat unique abilities, talents, and constellations does it have so you know how to get the most out of it and make a good build for it.

How to get Lynette in Yuanshinli?

Like many other characters in the game, Lynette Can be obtained through wishes in the gashapon shopto spend our accumulated Destinies or Protogems.

Since she is a four-star character, Lynette have a great chance Obtained this way, either permanent wishes or limited or active wishes. Lynette first appears in Genshin via two capsules active during version 4.0 The game was released on August 16, 2023: The first one is called “Between Light and Shadow” (starring Laney), and the second one is called “Mysterious Revelation” (starring Ye Lan). Lynette has a high chance of appearing on both banners.

Also, note that You can invite Lynette for free as part of your team Permanent Event “May the Magic Continue”available after reaching adventure level 25.

Features of Lynette

This is Basic Information An introduction to Lynette and her main characteristics as a character.

“A quiet and expressive wizard’s assistant. She is as elusive as a feline.”

  • rarity: 4 stars.
  • Weapon Type: lightsaber.
  • Elements/Visions: Anemo.
  • Role on the team: DPS and support.
  • area: Fontaine.

What is Lynette’s talent and zodiac sign

Next we show you all unique skills This character fights.


these are Elemental Attacks, Talents and Abilities from Lynette. Remember, as you level up your character, they can be unlocked so that it becomes more powerful as well.

  • Conventional attack: quick lunge
    • Conventional attack: Make up to 4 consecutive sword attacks.
    • Charge Attack: Consume a certain amount of stamina to launch a double-sword attack.
    • Attack down: Launch from the air and slam into the ground, dealing damage to nearby enemies and dealing area damage on impact.
  • Now you see me…: Wrap yourself in a cloak and perform a mystical dash that deals wind speed damage. When Mystic Dash hits an enemy, Lynette regenerates health based on her max health. And, in the next 4 seconds, a certain amount of life will be lost every second. Depending on whether the ability is pressed once or held down, sprinting has different effects.
    • Press once: Immediately perform the Mystic Dash.
    • Hold down: Lynette enters the “Mysterious Shadow” state, during which she moves at full speed and applies “Shadow Rapier Mark” to nearby enemies. When moving, you can control the direction of the sprint, and click the skill again to complete the run. When the state ends, Lynette performs a Shadow Dash. If there are nearby enemies marked by the Shadow Sword, Lynette will instantly approach them and perform a mysterious dash. Lynette can only apply one Shadowsword imprint to an enemy at most, and if that enemy gets too far away from her, the imprint disappears.
    • Algie: Usa: Every once in a while, when Lynette performs a mystical dash, she unleashes a flowing sword imbued with Otha energy, dealing wind speed damage.
  • Tip 1: Divert your attention Lynette raises her cloak, deals Anemo damage in AoE range, and with some neat tricks, conjures up a huge surprise in my locket. Taunts nearby enemies to attack her, dealing wind speed damage periodically. When my surprise box comes into contact with water/fire/cryogenics/electricity it will switch to the corresponding element and every so often it will fire a micro-colored projectile at the enemy dealing that element’s damage. This type of elemental change can only occur once during the duration of the ability.
  • Hydraulic Positioning: Shows the location of nearby revival schools on the minimap, and increases water resistance and life recovery by 25% when touching a school.
  • Timely collaboration: Within 10 seconds after using Trick – Attention Shift, if there are 1/2/3/4 characters of different element types in the team, the attack power of all team members will increase by 8/12/16/20%.
  • Prop preparation: When a Trick-Deflected MyPop Box undergoes an elemental transformation, Lynette’s ultimate skill damage is increased by 15% for the duration of the MyPop Box.


these are 6 constellation levels And Lynette’s passive abilities (remember, in order to improve each ability, you need to acquire the Stella Fortuna item):

  • Shadow reveals edges: When Now Now You See Me Mystic Charge hits an enemy with the Shadowblade Sword Mark, it creates a vortex at the enemy’s location, attracting nearby enemies.
  • Endless Puzzles: When the Trick – Diverting Twilight Surprise Box fires a Twilight projectile, another projectile will be fired.
  • Illusory cognition: Tricks – +3 skill level to divert attention. It can be raised up to Lv. Fifteen.
  • Just in time: Increase the cost of Now You See Me… 1
  • Blocking the Darkness: “Now You See Me…” skill level increased by +3. It can be raised up to Lv. Fifteen.
  • Eye of Truth: When Lynette unleashes the “Now You See Me…” mystical surge, she becomes imbued with Air, gaining 20% ​​additional Wind Damage over 6 seconds.

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