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MY EYES this is one of 19 songs Utopia, Travis Scott’s latest masterpiece released on July 28, 2023. The song in question is introspective and touches on some pretty deep topics. Even the feat is not bad: Bon Iver and Sampha, two names that convince.

WITH Utopia Travis Scott celebrated his ascent to Olympus. The album sold an incredible circulation in one week, and every song, MY EYES including, says the soul of La Flame. In song with Bon Iver and Samfa there’s a lot of Travis in there, between frills, luxury, interpersonal relationships and eyes that lead you nowhere and sometimes make you drown.

What to see through MY EYES: Travis Scott, Bon Iver and Sampha talk about the soul and the thousand paths it takes.

You couldn’t ask for a better feat for MY EYES. Houston rapper chooses indie folk band Bon Iver (those from Roselln, Skinny Love, Wash, For Emmato be clear) e SamphaEnglish singer, already a winner of prestigious awards and incredible collaborations.

Only Travis Scott could combine three such different, but so imperceptibly merged styles. MY EYES talks about the gaze that speaks and observes: feelings intertwine through the eyes, and the journey to paradise sometimes causes a person to fall until he drowns. Light music, gentle music, which soon gives way to the onslaught of Travis Scott. The themes of luxury, wealth, success, all the constants in the world of Cactus Jack are touched upon.

However, not only this: MY EYES goes through relationships, betrayals, the difficulties of staying afloat in a deceptive world. Connections become important, eyes are a mirror of the soul, awareness of one’s main “I”. “Do you see the road that matches my soul?asks Travis Scott at the climax of the song. A question that exudes questions about life, an affirmation of something he feels, a desire to be understood through his thousand turns.

Summing up, MY EYES it speaks of emotional complexity, of internal struggle in the head and body, of success, which brings confusion as well as a little momentary happiness. Life consists of ups and downs: it is important to see the dangers with the eyes, embracing ever deeper connections.

Nice shot, Travis!


When I look into your eyes
You will be there forever
Watch our lives (watch our lives together)
You just like to go to heaven (My heart)
Oh where are you taking me? (Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah)
I fall and drown
But you take me

A thousand feet
Stacks all over my place, ten thousand in front of my eyes (eyes)

Rollie Polly on my wrist
Gotta take a flight, big day, slums on FaceTime
Fifty thousand, wonder why I’m running, no race
Bliss led me
I was sworn in by a kiss
Late from the village cadence
No peacemaker, I’m sweeping things
Go for a walk in a new suit
But the new suit is dead, Bottega, that’s all.
Give me warmth from my sleep, then I’ll hurt her
Cupid crawls, sleep with Hammer
Three times to make me a teenager
Still the same phone, AT&T
Still very lively reporting the news
Beef over there, fuck the beef
Smoking some vegan (Huh)
I don’t need beef or cheese (Yeah)
Even when I eat they cheat (uh)
Every time we meet the naive

When I look into your eyes
You will be there forever
To watch our lives (To watch our lives together)
You just like to go to Heaven— (My heart)

A thousand feet
Stacks all over my place, ten thousand in front of my eyes (eyes)

Yeah it’s crazy how it gets so deep
It’s crazy how I get so hot
It’s crazy how you got me (from)

tell me tell me
tell me tell me
Yes Yes Yes Yes

This is me, this is me, this is me, this is me, this is me

Look into my eyes, tell me a story
Do you see the road that matches my soul?
Look, tell me the stats when the smoke clears from my face.
Am I picture perfect or do I look fried?
All those green and yellow drops that drip from your eyes are toning.
Tell you demise, I went to my side
To push back the ceiling and push the feelings away I had to decide
I replay these nights and all I see next to me is a sea of ​​people riding with me.
If only they knew what Scotty would do to jump off the stage and save his baby.
The things that I created became the most significant, I need to find a balance and be inspired (Ha)

Sure sure
This is wild shit, I’m a hero instead
I took it from scratch, LaFlame you say
I read it for miles, this shit wasn’t love
They messed me up, I put you on a bust and I’ll take you with me
Couple guns in this school, I gave ’em the tools to get on the ground
They say they are the ones when they make mistakes
Can’t look in the mirror, that’s wild shit
Stand on the stage, I make them furious, I refuse, can’t tan, can’t bloom
We do it in the streets, we do it for the preservation, we do it for the rights
Got fifty two weeks

This shit ain’t for fun, I’m about to set up
This shit is forever and it doesn’t feel me.
Ride and rap
I win and turn into a beast
Bought a crib on the hill, got harder to get to
Bought a couple more whips ’cause I needed more speed
Bought a couple more watches, I needed more time
They don’t buy an apartment, it was part of the lease
And I bought some more ice cause I brought the heat
Made a cast of my dick so she never cheat
If I gave you a day in my life or a day in my eyes don’t blink

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