Macabre discovery: she visited her boyfriend, opened the refrigerator and found the dismembered body of a woman

His partner, a resident of the South African city of Soweto, hid in his refrigerator the dismembered body of a woman who was found by the girl when he went out to buy food.

“He opened the bag and saw a hand,” a witness told local South African media. The woman, barely understood what it was about, ran out and asked the neighbors for help, who called the police.

Upon arriving at the home, Hlabangwane, 26, attempted suicide, but officers were able to stop him. The boy was hospitalized in a clinic near the town and after receiving treatment he appeared in court, where he was charged with murder.

The Police also assured that some parts of the victim’s body had been burned. The killer’s neighbors explained that he is a quiet person, that he has no friends and explained that they had not seen his ex-girlfriend for more than a month and in which he took other women to his house. In addition, they stated that he had been trying to win over a girl of only 15 years old from the area to visit him.

The young woman had met her boyfriend on Facebook and they had their first date on Friday, when the girl spent the night with him in the house he rented. The police also affirmed that the head was not inside the bag, and that they are still looking for it.

Local area councilor Phelelani Sindani said the man had been paying his rent on time and was a former employee of an insurance company. Faced with the macabre event that took place, the community was very shocked.

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